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What is most important between blessings and protection?

What is most important between blessings and protection?

Well this is an heated argument and I would make clarity to it in a more simple form.

I have written something on why you need to protect your pregnant wife in this article via here ..

We all want money and money we shall get but I would love to ask this question,,, is money more important than your soul?

While you are busy about making money, using spiritual work for wealth and prosperity, some people somewhere are scheming on how to terminate your life .

This is why you would see some people when they started making it is when they would die untimely death. They have failed to protect themselves.

Many people prefer to be blessed than being protected .

If you don't know, you have enemies everywhere ranging from neighbors, family, friends, business, colleagues and everywhere . Many of which always want you to die or fall sick or wished evil to happen to you .

You need to take you protection seriously while making money as your know AJE doesn't fight .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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