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Which Tribe and Religion owns AJE?

Which Tribe and Religion owns AJE?

Everybody hate the truth but it would not stop us from speaking the truth.

In Africa they don't like Tradition but in the diaspora, they love African Tradition more than Africans such that Africans that found themselves in the diaspora cried and which they had known, Africans in diaspora wished they had embraced their own culture while they are in Africa.

Africans hate other African ORISA but they loved AJE.

Africans go to church and mosques to pray to AJE for wealth and prosperity in their business and many things they do.

Some do all sort of things and spiritual works to enhance their business, they go to church to collect spiritual work for blessings.

They go to mosques to collect OnTu and other spiritual work for blessing 

To them AJE is the only good ORISA because they see other ORISA has being bad.

So I asked which religion, tribe or country owns AJE?

AJE is an ORISA from Yoruba pantheon religious cosmology that deal with wealth and prosperity.

AJE is one of the daughters of OLOKUN because OLOKUN is a great ORISA with many sons and daughters, we can't limit or looks down on OLOKUN and said AJE is the only daughter of OLOKUN. Nah, OLOKUN has many daughters and sons but AJE is the most famous.

If AJE is the daughter of OLOKUN and OLOKUN is an ORISA known by or known for or known with the Yoruba people.

Why do we see AJE has a good ORISA and we see other ORISA has a bad ORISA ?

The answer is simple, white man supremacy and oyinbo Kolo mentality .

If you are one of those that thinks ORISA are bad and the white man ORISA who they called God or Allah is the good ORISA, then you are under the influence of the white man , you are a slave to the white Man.

The white man did a movie to honour OLOKUN by doing Wakanda forever in his honour.

The white man honoured OSUN and YEMOJA by doing films like sirens 

The white man honour SANGO by doing Thor

They honoured IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO by doing a lots of films that involves magic, witches.. 

Beyonce pays tribute to ORISA OSUN 

If our ORISA are wicked as you have been made to believe, why is the white man doing movies to honour them? 

I asked again, who is more holy? Or wicked?

Many white men are falling and coming to Africa to learn about Yoruba tradition and ORISA ways of Life . 

Visit OSUN shrines and other temples , you would see a lot of white people learning IFA and ORISA ways ..

As am writing this article ,a white man is here with me to learn about OBATALA and OSUN.

I asked again who owns AJE? 

Which tribe and religion does AJE belongs to?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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