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Why is it difficult for a babalawo to refer to another Babalawo?

Why is it difficult for a babalawo to refer to another Babalawo?

This article is against a lot of believe and I take OBATALA beg any one offended by this post because the truth must be told.

Wow , this question is so hard to see and nobody want to answer this question.

There are thousands of reasons why babalawo don't refer to other Babalawo and we would go deeper in this concept .

Babalawo don't like each other - One babalawo does not like another Babalawo, everyone is full of deceit and lies . You join the temple of ORUNMILA or a group of Babalawo, you would have enemy for doing so. 

Some people would become jealous of you for no reason especially if your work is legit and you are getting more clients than another . Wahala go surely bust.

They would all wish that you die so that they can come and shed crocodile tears and show fake love to your family.

There are few things you need to know about Babalawo work.

Babalawo is a calling and with each calling come discipline. Some babalawo are into fertility, if you need a child or find it difficult into getting a child , it is their Job to do that for you. They are gifted in that .

Some babalawo are only for healing, they know how to speak with SANPONNA and OSANYIN to get leaves and other things that must be used to heal anybody of any disease . It is their field.

This babalawo that based on healing are different from people who just read books and book of account they got somewhere , No.

This healing babalawo have sanponna and OSANYIN to speak with. They are direct descendants of this great ORISA for healing and they heal any sort of sickness.

We have some Babalawo who are good in teaching other Babalawo, they are good in doing Initiation and training the next set of Babalawo because it is their calling. 

We can't sideline other ORISA because we have IFA . Every ORISA have their role to play and each ORISA have their own ODU with each ODU, they can do all sort of wonders.

Babalawo is a work of calling and disciplined, babalawo of today are doing all , they are Jack of all trade such that they don't even know what they shouldn't do. They do everything in the name of money and for money .

In as much as money is involved, they do it all.

Also we have ORISA based Babalawo, just like I have explained about the babalawo that are the descendants of SANPONNA and OSANYIN, we have Babalawo who are direct descendants of OBATALA eg AJE NLA, we have babalawo who are descendants of SANGO, we have babalawo who are descendants of OSUN,and so on and so forth.

If you consult IFA and you could see that the work is not your discipline kindly refer to others whose disciplined it is.

But a babalawo would never refer to other Babalawo simply because the babalawo doesn't want to loose his client.

Why would a babalawo be afraid of loosing clients? This is where bad reputation of Babalawo comes in.

Most of my clients first of all test me and part of the test is this... Someone asked me how can I prove if am legit or not .

I replied and said - You owned your money and it is your problems, follow your mind and spend your money anywhere your mind leads you to. I don't have anything to proof and I don't know how to sweet talk .

They have confidence in me and they believe in me not just because of anything but because I would tell them the truth point black. 

Sometimes I tell them to go and do other research from other Babalawo and see how things are going.

I know my truth has no equal and I don't tie anyone to anything.

Most Babalawo have a bad reputation and they are afraid referring to another Babalawo because they would loose a clients and their source of income.

Why are you afraid ? If you are doing what you are doing in truth and love, no matter where they go they would always know the difference and would surely come back.

A friend of mine call me from Abuja and said he met one babalawo that promise this and that. I replied and told him the actual truth but I also told him to give it a trial and let's see how it goes .

I know what I dey carry for hand or head ...

Build a good reputation of trust and clients .

If you do IFA consultation and it is EGUN that shows , if you don't have EGUN kindly refer to those who have EGUN. Don't tail your clients as if the EGUN priest would steal your client .

If it is OLOKUN that shows, please take them to OLOKUN priest for solution.

Don't dabaru things because you won chop, don't turn their life journey of two years into 20years.

You need to learn to build confidence in yourself and in what you do .

I couldn't talk more .....

The son of OBATALA

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If you find this article somewhere else without reference, kindly note that it was stolen from the original source AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

If you are angry at the truth please you have the right to kill yourself.

Don't reason my matter and don't look for what is not looking for you before you get what you deserve.

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