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Are Babalawo thieves with no Class?

Are Babalawo thieves with no Class?

I wouldn't have written this article but I have to write it out before it evaporated out of my busy mind .

It's 1am and my eyes are still wide open wandering the dark space of many realms.

The fingers are not equal and so therefore you can't expert everyone to be the same thing.

You need to understand what you have and where you stand, after your understanding then you need to let others understand what you understand about yourself.

You can't come and say this is your problem, if your problem is not included in what I do, I would show your the way out irrespective of how much you carry.

You can't come and say you need oshole or money rituals,I would show you the way out of my house.

You can't come and tell me someone rob you and therefore we need to do evil to them, I would first of all ask if you have made a police report of the robbery.... Then I would investigate on how the robbery happens, then I would.do more investigation and finally I would tell you one thing that would make you angry and leave my house.

You can't put something valuable where it would be stolen and you expert it not to be stolen.

You can't offend IYAAMI and expert your life not to be miserable.

You offend IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO because you slept with a woman you shouldn't have slept with...

Now all your life is worthless, nothing is working and you are looking for oshole instead of you to rectify the issue... your brain is upside down.

Like I always say... Know your worth as a babalawo.

Know what you have and what you carry as a babalawo.

But it is painful and shameful that not many people know their own worth or value anymore.

Everyone dances to the tune of their clients for money.

Someone has called me that he want to make someone blind, can I do that .???

He said, I would pay you dollars. Just name the price ...

At that point I was more than angry, I wanted to send a bird to him to pluck out his eyes but I can't because he didn't offend me, neither has he trespass his boundaries.

I just block him off.

People think their money is what make you who you are... No.

There is no day that the vulture would not see a dead carcass to eat or a sacrifice to eat... It has never happened.

There is no day that people would no fetch water or use water or drink water.... It has never happened.

There would always be need for AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

I am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA.

I am not your regular irresponsible Babalawo.

I don't do anything for money, I do what is right and pure , I don't have charms but what I have you can't buy.

If you want to die, I repeat.
If you have a death wish, cross your boundaries...

Na where I sit,them go bring your corpse come beg me...

You can travel the 9 rivers and realms for power, you can kill all the rams for power but you can't be as strong as the son of OBATALA.

Like I said, everyone has their selling point and I don't beg for money or food because people can't do without water, they would always come looking for me.

Just because you can't find it anywhere 
You can't find true solution to your problem anywhere .

As much as I do, I don't mix things with purity...

This post is not about power or ABIDO SHAKER.

It's about knowing your worth and value 

It's about doing what is right not anything for money

To me , a babalawo is a thief if all he care about is money.

A babalawo is a thief if he can do anything for money.

I don't do this, I don't do that.. it means you have sense of humanity in you ...

It means you are just a dog that can be send an errand....

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA.

If you don't like this article, then you are attracting a death wish.

Just don't think evil about me, you would have it.

Like I said, I don't come here to play in this lifetime.

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