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Babalawo 109: Babalawo and their selling point

Babalawo 109: Babalawo and their selling point 

If you don't like my post,just leave it because am not chasing any time sooner .

I have decided to press on people's head, thought and make a lot of enemies because I love doing that .

I am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA. 

I can't be more proud than that and have not seen anyone having more pride in their ORISA as I have.

I have come across a lot of Babalawo and they don't have anything to offer .

If you are a babalawo and this get you angry, just report yourself to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Because if you failed to report yourself and you have grudges against me, I doubt if you would spent the next 3 months alive.

I am a table shaker and I would break the table for everyone because I really don't care .

Most Babalawo don't have anything to offer , neither do they have substance to give.

Have you ever asked yourself, what do I have to offer to my clients that is very different from other Babalawo?

I didn't get any proper training from any man , not that I remember but that doesn't mean I don't know what I am saying or doing .

I carry what I know and believe for my head, no be Joke.

If you don't have what to offer to people then you are not worthy of anything called a babalawo.

Almost everyone is angry at the way I see things or I do things and it make me wonder why are they angry ?

Am I spoiling market for them or am just too truthful?

Am I giving them a lot of shame or I embarrassed them?

Either ways, the mantle of power I have not collected from any man. Let them be angry for nothing because if they try getting angrier it's doom for them.

I told some few folks that in the next few years, who knows if Yoruba race would exist? But am very sure ORISA would still be in existence with a lot of followers making sacrifice to them.

ORISA only moved and work with people who have their loved at heart and do what is right irrespective of the race ,tribe or country.

I once write an article that in the future any babalawo without knowledge of the spiritual realm would be jobless. 

People asked if am a spiritualist or a babalawo and I replied, I am what I loved to be . I loved the spiritual aspect of life more than the physical.

Your love and interest in what you love most turns to be what the ORISA would give you most.

Whatever your interest is, find a way to be useful. You represent the ORISA on earth and their energy is within you.

There is a lot of reduction in power allocated to babalawo shrines across the globe and their work doesn't work as effective as before.. why?

As they loose focus in the work and have more interest in the reward, the potency of their shrine reduces.

As they have failed to understand and balance their spiritual and physical they would continue to have a failed work.

If care is not taken a lot of Babalawo would soon be jobless when people don't patronize them anymore because their work would not work again. As it has started happening, leaves are no more responsive , herbs are loosing their powers.

Yet the same herbs and leaves work like magic in the hand of the right babalawo with the ODU and energy of the ORISA within him.

Everyone is looking for ABIDO SHAKER to boost what they do.

Go and check Babalawo that you know and kindly confirm if his work is still valid and legit.

What do you have to offer.?????

What is your selling points ??????

I am AJE NLA, what I offer is balance .

Balancing your physical life and spiritual Life together while experiencing the spiritual aspect of Life .

My Job is to make sure that you balance your emotional and rational thinking in everything you do to bring out the best version of you.

Most important traveling and staying connected with your friends in various egbe orun in the respectful realms.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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