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Babalawo 110 : Is your Babalawo a mechanic


Babalawo 110 : Is your Babalawo a mechanic ?

We have so many people who called themselves Babalawo but they are not babalawo,they are mechanic. Lol

They are only good in patching people up and down , they would patch people till they are no longer patchable.

You visit your babalawo and the next thing to do is to give you spiritual work that should remove the problem temporary,after two month the problem persist or another problem is created and you have to go back to him for another patching .

After years or months of patching, they would later tell you to do IFA initiation, or after years of patching they would now said that we should go advance.

After months or years of patching and patching is now more working, they would now be introducing you to something like rituals etc, something that would kill you silently.

Just imagine, ..

They feed orishas as many times as possible. If possible weekly or monthly when it should be yearly or bi annually.

I have seen people jumping from one consultation to another only to feed ESU from one babalawo to another.


Imagine this imagination.

They always see problems, no solution

Other feasible traits of a mechanic babalawo are the following

They are always in a hurry to collect money ..

Rushing people on what the people must do

Taking pictures or videos of work done or feeding of orisa is proof that it was done. But was it done well?

This is very common on social media, almost everyone has shared their shrine pictures, etc.

While some of us don't even have a single picture of ourself and what we do.

Well, you need to ask yourself if your babalawo is a mechanic or not

The way I called myself the son of OBATALA, many people are not claiming to be the son of OBATALA, even ghost with no pictures.

Be proud of yourself, be it the son of ESU, the sons of OSUN, the sons of Erinle, the son of SANGO, the sons of OYA, the sons of YEMOJA, the sons of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, the sons of OLUBORI, the sons of AJE OLOKUN, and many more .

Be proud of who you are .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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