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Difference between ESU IFA and ELEGBARA

Different between ESU IFA and ELEGBARA

ELEGBARA is also known as Elegba .

There is a lot of differences between ESU IFA and ELEGBA.

ELEGBA is the father of all ESU , be it ESU IFA and Babalawo ESU that is always at the entrance of all Babalawo.

ESU IFA is to powered your IFA , to support your IFA , more like an accessory that comes with your IFA after IFA initiation (ITEFA).

Elegba doesn't come with IFA initiation.

Elegba is not an ORISA you see everywhere and it's not in every babalawo house up and down because Elegba is not meant for every dogs and cats , most importantly you must have a very strong spiritual energy or purity before you have Elegba .

When I wanted to have Elegba , it was a friend of mine who took me on a spiritual journey to meet him in his own palace. It was a woman, she is a direct descendants of Elegba .

In fact , I did consultation for her on some issues and we become friends. She is used to seeing Elegba everyday and it was because of how I have helped her in one little way that make Elegba told her to invite me or took me with her.

The rest was story.... I met Elegba and we made a deal. Then I created by own Elegba waiting for my father OBATALA to do the INITIATION for me.

That was how I have Elegba and I have been telling the world of how Elegba is a great ORISA ever since .

Elegba is not an ORISA to compare with any other ORISA not even ESU his children. Elegba is the father of all avatar of ESU .

We have more than 200+ ESU and even those who called themselves Omo ESU don't know the differences.

Those who know the differences in all avatar of ESU like the woman who took me on that journey can't be found on the internet....

I am not the only one blessed with knowledge and everything from the ORISA, it's just that others are scared of the world while I cling to my Father OBATALA.

I always tell people, you can't carry my name in front of any bloody shrine, it's either you die there or you die later because Elegba is always at my back, bigger than ESU , stronger than ESU, powerful than ESU .

Elegba don't care and doesn't look at anyone's face , don't cross your boundaries or else na death. That is why I love Elegba with my life. Elegba is a life saver.

I always see him in my dream protecting the son of OBATALA.

OBATALA is in front while Elegba is at my back .

I can't forget my Godfather, ORISA OLOKUN,

IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO who suck the life out of everyone who threatens me .

The impact of every ORISA is always recognized and well appreciated.

Who am I ??

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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