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Differences between omo Omi and alaragbo

Differences between omo Omi and alaragbo

In my previous article , AJE NLA explain the similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo and if you missed that article ,you can always go back and read it via ..

If I wouldn't want to waste any time on this and for full knowledge.

You need to read about alaragbo top secrets via here , 

you can also find the difference between iyalode and Alaragbo via .

After glancing through those article above,I think it is time for me to say one or two things about the differences between Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

Omo Omi are mermaids born by mermaids while alaragbo are the sub groups of IYAMOPO.

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This would let you know more about IYAMOPO.

Also you really need to read about the differences between IYALODE and Alaragbo.

I wrote all this article and I am also making reference to them to avoid repetitions .

In short, Omo Omi are mermaids while Alaragbo are feminine energy relating to water.

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