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Do you know that the ORISA has a heart beat?

Do you know that the ORISA has an heart beat?

In my journey through the spiritual realm I have gotten to realize that the ORISA have their own heart beat.

The more stronger you become in the spirit, the more you could feel and hear the heart beat of the ORISA.

This are one of many reasons why the temple or shrine of individual babalawo has a different heartbeat.

If you visit some temple you wouldn't feel anything and if you visit other temple, you could hear and listen to the heartbeat of the ORISA in that temple.

Hearing the heartbeat of the ORISA doesn't have anything to do with your age in IFA or Yoruba Tradition.

It deals with your purity and your growth in the spiritual realm.

Some babalawo are as old as time but their shrine doesn't have any heart beat.

Some babalawo are very young and get they have gotten the heartbeat of the ORISA.

To sustain and keep on having the heartbeat of the ORISA in your temple or shrine, you need to carve out some rules for yourself .

The rules start with Money...

Don't place yourself above Money and don't do anything because of Money.

I am coming back but let us ruminate on this Smal piece

If you enter a shrine and you couldn't feel tired or energized ,then run away from such shrine because it's fake.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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