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Eleriko vs alaragbo

Eleriko vs alaragbo 

Everyone is now coming out to be the son of whoever,but we know that there is only one son of OBATALA and that son is AJE NLA.

I don't have any links with anyone copying my post up and down. Well, they are propagating the gospel about AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

You can always browse to read about egbe orun, Ori , OLOKUN, sango, OYA, ESU, Elegba, OBATALA, ONIMERE, OSUN, AJE and many more.

You can't learn everything on the internet, you need to know this.. we can only tease out some few truth to let you know the real thing from fake things which is very coming everywhere you go just like M....N.

I have written a lot of things about Eleriko 

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Eleriko are living inside water as water snakes, they are mighty and very powerful.

This snakes transform to human beings at will but they lived inside water.

After their transformation, they can come to land and lived.

Many of your girlfriend are snakes and many of you have slept with different kind of snakes.


Alaragbo are water feminine energy that has to do with IYAMOPO.

Eleriko and Alaragbo are two different egbe orun but they are both water related.

If I were to write another article on the most powerful between Eleriko and Alaragbo, I would write it out but that is not the contest of this article.

So much has been written about Eleriko and Alaragbo on that I wouldn't want to be repeating myself .

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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