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Erindinlogun in new view

1.Erindinlogun Dida Is a system of Ifa Divination that has 16 houses of information erindilogun it'self is an aspects of Ifa divination tools. 

2.Apart from followers of Ifa, Olosun and Olobatala, Erindinlogun is also used principally by the worshippers of Sango. The diviners who employ it to this extent, refer to it as Iranse Sango (Sango Servant).

3.In the Erindinlogun system of Ifa divination, a set of sixteen cowry shells are used for the divination and during divination, they either face up or down. 

4.As a matter of fact, a cowry shell has two faces: the male and the female. (up and down respectively). 

5.During divination these cowry shells are shaken and thrown on the ground, falling either on the male or female face.

6.The female face stands for the identification of each odu. Thus, the cowry shell is different from the divination chain in which the two faces dictate one odu at a time. 

7.When only the famale face (the concave side) is up out of the sixteen cowry shells, the odu that we have is called Okanran.

8.If it is two females faces, we have Ejioko. They are arranged in the following order of hierarchy.

Okanran = when the face of 1 female is up

Eji oko = when the faces of 2 females are up

Ogunda = when the faces of the females are up

Irosun = when the faces of 4 females are up

Ose = when the face of 5 females are up

Obara = when the faces of 6 females are up

Odi = when the faces of 7 females are up

Eji Ogbe = when the faces of 8 females are up

Osa = when the faces of 9 females are up

Ofun = when the faces of 10 females are up

Owonrin = when the faces of 11 females are up

Ejilasuebora = when the faces 12 females are up

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