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Fortified your children ready for their future

Fortified your children against their future 

The world is not wicked yesterday but it became wicked today and it would be an extra wickedness tomorrow and the day after .

So many bad news up and down on the internet and in your environment.

What are you doing to protect your children from bad and evil families, bad and evil friends, attack from evil neighbors and jealous church members, how do you intend to protect your children against all this.?

Do you think reading the Bible everyday would do that for you or going by the old ways of our ancestors the tradition?

Let it sink in you that the hardship you are facing right now may be triple or double for your children if you didn't fortified them earlier today against tomorrow.

Nigeria is seen as a bad country but as bad as Nigeria , so many people are buying cars worth millions . Are we not in the same Nigeria?

A fortified child would never walk with bad friends because he would know their intentions, a fortified child would always be guided in choosing friends .

A fortified child would not go to where he/she would be killed because his mind would warm him/her and he would adhere 

A fortified child would not eat what would kill him/her because they would see it .

A fortified child can't be kill or poisoned in their sleep .

Infact there are many benefits of fortifying your children .

By the time they grow old, life would be easier for them and you would enjoy seeing them do wonders .

How many of you remember your parents ?

You are already struggling and you think you don't have enough talkless of giving to your parents .

Do you want your child to be struggling the way you are struggling that you don't have any penny to give to your parents ??

The solution is to fortified your child.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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