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How do you take care of your IFA the proper way yourself ?

How do you take care of your IFA the proper way yourself ?

People wanted me to say a lot when it comes to IFA but I can't.

There are some things that must not be said online and there are some things that needed to be shared online.

I remain AJE NLA,the son of OBATALA.

Before you do your IFA initiation, you must have done a lot of research from friends and family, a lot of research from the internet to know more about IFA, IFA INITIATION and the benefits you gain from it.

Before you do ITEFA (Initiation) you must read and know a lot. You must have done your research to the extent that the person that wants to do Initiation for you, you must have known a lot about your OLUWO.

Many of you are having a deadbeat OLUWO, someone somewhere you loved to give your hard earn money to without any reason but yet you cry online looking for answers to little things.

Are you sick or you are Mad?

Still thinking, ? I have said in my article that you can change your OLUWO at any time ( read about changing your OLUWO after ITEFA

AJE NLA is not interested in accepting any IFA INITIATe, I can't be stressing myself or jump up and down because your IFA is giving you problem.

The OLUWO that do the semi original IFA initiation for you is sleeping , I can't have sleepless night because of you. I know what you have in mind.

I get principles and rules.... My clients know me very well.

When you do your IFA initiation at the right place, part of what they needed to tell you is how to feed your IFA by yourself.

Feeding of IFA is a simple thing and anyone can do it .

The only time you needed a babalawo is when you want to use animal to feed your IFA , that is when am expert like a babalawo is needed to consult your IFA and ask what your IFA want.

If you don't forget , I wrote and I said we should not use soap to wash our IFA .

Read about this important notice during IFA initiation

Infact, you can browse and read a lot about IFA and everything.

On. Final note, 

Make sure you know your OLUWO in and out before you go for your Initiation.

Make sure you have knowledge of IFA before doing IFA INITIATION.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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