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How King earn their respect

How King earn their respect

In the olden days a man become kings buy fighting or he was anointed and appointed by the ORISA via IFA .

Today this have changed, anyone can become king.

Any one with money , well society names and fame can be crown a king.

In the olden days, anyone that speak evil of the king dies within 7 days or at instance.

Anyone that thinks evil of the king harvest a true life threatening evil from nature.m


This is because the king of those days are a living ORISA . They are not second in command to ORISA but are living ORISA .

Compare those days with the kings of modern times who are just a stick on the throne.

Terrorizing those they are supposed to protect.

Whose fault is it ?????????????

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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