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How much should a Babalawo charged ?


How much should a Babalawo charged ?

This is a very rigid post that is going to cause a lot of war amidst a lot of people .

You already know my name and if you don't know, may be I should say it loud for you to hear it.

Am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA.

I am not the best, I only do the little I can do and always trying my best.

I am not in 1 - 1,000,000,000 babalawo but I have what they don't have. Spirituality of IFA which is lost in ages and has become a myth that people don't believe of its existence anymore.

In Nigeria, we have some Babalawo that charged as low as $0.4 for consultation while in this same Nigeria we have Babalawo that charges $100 for consultation.

If you have friends and family in the diaspora, you can asked them how much Babalawo charged them for consultation. Consultation outside the country Nigeria (in diaspora consultation ranges from $300 -$700) .

IFA and ORISA Initiation in Nigeria ranges from $250 - $2,000 depending on many factors.

While IFA and ORISA Initiation in the diaspora ranges from $5000 - $20,000.

People in the diaspora prefer to do their spiritual work in Nigeria than doing it over there, not be they can't afford paying a babalawo for his service in the diaspora but they wanted something legit, authentic.

They believes that Nigeria still holds more value to culture.

After looking at everything , I come to conclusion that people don't really care how much they spend on spirituality or to solve their spiritual problems. In as much as they are getting solution for the problem, they don't care how much they spent.

My question is that, how many babalawo has authentic work, power from the ORISA?

People are asking why would babalawo collect so much for what? I have an answer to it .

I would answer it with a question, how many of you can remember where you defecated last three month on a specific date and time?

When people's problem are solved, they don't remember anyone again. When people's problem are solved, that is when they would remember their long time project.

Someone was on the sick bed dieing , having only 3 days left to die. Making promises and giving out his wealth.

While on the sick bed he make a promise to a babalawo that if he could survive his death, he would vacate his house for the babalawo. The babalawo who is an old spirit goes to the spiritual market to buy all the ingredients using his (babalawo) spiritual currency .

The babalawo revive the sick man from dieing and for what? The sick man started giving excuses...

The babalawo who was offended by betrayal goes home empty stomach. All for nothing the babalawo said.

The babalawo died in poverty many years after he helped a dieing man.

The rich man came to buy gold coffin for the babalawo to show his appreciation.

What a world we lives in............

Babalawo are more like doctors, they treated you and get paid. Everyone goes their way.  Very simple.

People are looking at Babalawo from the olden perspective, I don't believe anyone is coming back to anyone. You , I mean you the reader, how many of your helper did you remember to helped?

Your favorite teacher in secondary school, your best friend in secondary school, that guy that used to help you with your assignment, etc .. how many of your helper did you remember??????

I was on a platform and someone speak in annoyance and asked,why would I charge $50 for consultation?

The answer is simple, the price for diaspora is different from Nigerian.

Secondly, you owes your money and you can decide what to do with your money .

Thirdly, it's your problem and you can either find solution or continue having it.

Like I said, people don't really care how much they are spending in as much as it is legit and confirm.

Everyone knows AJE NLA,  for every penny you paid, you would get values.

As I am visiting you in the dream to get you herbs, I would also try everything possible for you in the physical.

Transversing two world (dream and reality) together at the same time,is not an easy task.. only if your babalawo can do that. Your famous Pastor dares not .

This are part of the secrets of ORISA OLOKUN, my Godfather.

Like I said , I am not within 1 - 1,000,000,000.

I am just there .... Doing what OBATALA sent me to do.

On a final note, everyone has placed a value or price on their services and it matters not how much it is.

What is most important is that you should get value for whatever you are spending.

People think I am angry at Babalawo, I am not. I just want everyone to sit up and be focused to do the right thing.

Even though you are collecting millions, let the value show, let there be value.

If people are paying you for Initiation, let them see you in their dream for the rest of their lives as their master and mentor.

Initiation is about apprenticeship.

You Initiate them, you are the master.

This are ancient rites and rituals..

No more shortcut.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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