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IFA is not cult or secret society

IFA is not cult or secret society 

The fact that you have done your IFA initiation doesn't mean you are automatically an ogboni member or an aboriginal members.

Ifa is African spirituality.

IFA is more than what any book has explained.

When you do your IFA initiation,it opened your eyes to some things and you know a lot of things you don't know before.

Don't ever mistake IFA for a cult. It is an enlightenment.

It is spirituality.

It contains whatever you want or seeks in a moderate way.

Many people are looking for money, doing IFA INITIATION doesn't mean you would be fucking rich or money would be dropping from the sky but your mind would be more opens to ways to make more money.

Ifa is not alone, we have mighty and powerful ORISA like OBATALA, ORISA OLOKUN, SANGO, OYA, EGUNGUN, OGUN, OSANYIN, OSUMARE, YEMOJA etc that you can do their Initiation.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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