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Is the book of ODU IFA weaponized ????

Is the book of ODU IFA weaponized ???

I really don't want to talk much but words will always come to me wherever I am.

This is just a screenshot with the writer name clearly and boldly .

From this screenshot

He agrees that ODU IFA is not stagnant and it is been written every day to address some challenges of the world

He claimed that there is a version of ODU IFA that says a woman can do itefa

May be there is, may be there is not but there are some things that can't change even if everything changes and part of it is women entering igbodu and doing itefa .

Women would always be doing menstruation, no matter the civilization they can't eliminate menstruation from women, not now and may be in the future.

From his words, he agrees that the book of ODU IFA are manipulated to suite daily needs and answer to many babalawo question. It prove that babalawo are not just greedy but wants to be in charge.

Am not a fan of which and what ODU IFA book because I believe the best way to know ODU IFA is to be initiated into that ODU itself .

Yea ,we have more than a million type of Initiation and the most famous is IFA INITIATION because they monetized it.

People only talks of what was written in the book of ODU IFA when they want to lie or run away from the truth and they are writing that lie in the book of ODU IFA just to make it legit or legal.

Which version of the book of ODU IFA says , only babalawo should and can do IFA INITIATION?

A bomb ,OYA kill yourself.

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