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Is there anything like spiritual Husband (OKO Orun) ?

Is there anything like spiritual Husband (OKO Orun) ?

I have made a lot of post on egbe orun and it's accessories like oko orun also known as spiritual husband. Read about egbe orun via

People don't really want to learn, they loved to be scammed by other people who don't know what they are doing for them.

People loved to be scammed by people who would destroy their life completely.

So , at this stage.. I really don't care if you got your life into more problems because it is your life .

People are made to believe that oko orun also known as spiritual husband is a very bad person sent to torment and destroy your life but it is completely different, your spiritual husband is not sent from hell or marine kingdom to destroy your destiny like your fire fake pastors are telling you .

You have spiritual problem with spiritual husband and you went to Alfa and Pastor.. why? 

Is such issue discussed in the Quran or Bible ?

You see why your problem won't be solve till your Jesus come?

You went to iya OSUN or Iyanifa or Babalawo for such issues and if they also lack wisdom on the matter arising,then run till OLODUMARE show you mercy .

For the purpose of this article, I would answer the question on the topic , is there anything like spiritual Husband?


Spiritual husband exist and they are following you up and down.

They exist but not the way people project them to be .

Spiritual husband are not the following or having the following traits 

They are not scary 

They are not blood sucking 

They don't make life a living hell

Spiritual husband are here for the following 

They are supporting

They fight for you 

Then how do they look like? Browse through my archives on egbe orun and read everything under egbe orun and Ori .

I would write another topics on how spiritual husband look like and how to identify them.

Always visit for more knowledge.

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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