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Is there spirituality in Yoruba Tradition?


Is there spirituality in Yoruba Tradition?

This is a question nobody wants to answer because they don't know the answer to it.

I am AJE NLA the son of OBATALA, I would keep on beating the drum in their ears till they listen.

Many people are thinking am a lunatic because of what I shared and because they are not having the same experience I am having , so they find it hard to believe.

So people even think I am diverting people to somewhere else different from ISESE.

I look at people and I laughed.

Let's gooooo

Why is it possible for some people to give some other people food in the dream?

Why can't they give the same person some herbs to help them grow and to fortified them?

I said earlier, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO doesn't have headquarters in London or any location, yet people goes to their meetings .

How are all this possible if not through dream?

The truth is that people don't want to know and those who know don't want to share .

There are two ways into the spiritual realms ,

The good way and the bad way.

Though this ways are being blocked by OLOKUN and no more bad ways into the spiritual realm.

You have to work you ass into it.

There is spirituality in Yoruba Tradition and we need to move with the right people to get access.

To move with the right people means to do the right Initiation from the right OLUWO.

If you do your ORISA Initiation or IFA INITIATION from an OLUWO who has no link into the spiritual realm, there is no way you would have access into the spiritual realm.

So the first thing first is to make sure that your OLUWO is gallant and vast in Yoruba spirituality.

If you spent millions and the OLUWO is not a recognized and license OLUWO from the ORISA , you just wasted your money.

You won't have access to Yoruba spirituality.

So, I find fault in those doing ORISA and IFA initiation for people, they are the reason people are not experiencing YORUBA spirituality.

The OLUWO are not trained by ORISA OLOKUN. They just appoint themselves or buy their way into the position.

If you have done your IFA and ORISA Initiation and you never experienced Yoruba spirituality, well you just wasted your millions and thousands on an half baked Initiation, I wouldn't want to say it's fake. But I would called it half baked Initiation.

I can't talk more , let this bomb be tearing them all apart .

Let those who would listen , listen.....

We are in the new age=, the new era , the years of all the ORISA and that is why there is a lot of awakening.

Many people are having weird dreams , many people are seeking answers and there is no one ot give it to them.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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