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PEOPLE don't really know the difference between YEMOJA and olu ODO.

Most people believe that YEMOJA is the same thing as olu ODO. That is a pure lie and there is no truth in it whatsoever.

People cannot really say the difference between YEMOJA and olu ODO.

Am not here to tell you the difference and even if I were to say the difference, it would not be pointed out but rather explained codedly .

First of all, 

You can't know the truth about some things if you are not an insider.

To be an insider, you must be one of them.

Babalawo and iyanifa don't want me to talk about my experience in the other world because it hurts their ego. I am throwing a bomb at you all,I just hope you have the absorber to absorb the shock.

You can't know about it if you are not a member visiting them regularly.

Many babalawo sees my words as impossibility because they don't have the experience and their elders are not telling them the truth about it.

Or may be they knew something about it and they want it to be kept private.

How do you explain dreaming about someone giving you okro in your dream? 

How do you explain dreaming about someone fighting you in the dream?

That is to show that babalawo knows the truth about the other realms but they prefer to use it for evil.

We all talk about IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, do you think they have office or headquarters in Abuja or do you think their office is located physically????

How do you think they goes to meetings?

That is because they travel with their minds , they bring out the spirit in them which transform into bird and flew into meetings.

I think I have said enough on that.... Can we proceed.

OLOKUN deliberately blocked people off from visiting the realms of the ORISA because of what man kind have done in the past (in the past, we are referring to 1000000 years ago , over the years man has proven to be a betrayer of trust and greedy).

Still on the topic 

YEMOJA is not the same thing as OLU ODO.

Though many species, creatures who lived in the water or ocean have the looks of YEMOJA or take the form of YEMOJA but they are not YEMOJA.

To make it simple in explanation, 

I wrote in one of my articles that we have more than 5000 species of YEMOJA.

If you are a follower of ORISA OLOKUN, then OLOKUN can take you a ride to the dept of the ocean to see the wonders of nature.

But we knew, people can't get closer to OLOKUN because he is very strict and disciplined.

I couldn't talk more on this ...

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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