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Other traits of a babalawo you need to know

Other traits of a babalawo you need to know 

Every one knows 16 rules of IFA and guidelines every babalawo must follow but there are some hidden things you need to know that can't be found anywhere 

This are what people don't really look for in a babalawo and it matters a lots to what they do.

A babalawo should be wiser - when you call on your babalawo for any problem, he should be wise enough to know what to do. A babalawo should be able to balance his feelings , emotion, reasonings and all others.

Babalawo who can't manage their feelings ended up sleeping with female clients or use charm to marry a female client . They have wives more than the president the country , Na so poverty take dey start.

He should be able to interpret dreams and give you a good meaning or insight to your dreams and problem .

A babalawo should not be doing trial and error method to solve people's problem because it involves their life , should know what to do at every point in time.

Many babalawo are good in trial and error method, they would tell you to first do this, if it doesn't work they would tell you to do another things and you continue to do a lot of things til you have no penny to do anything again.

A babalawo should be a very high spiritual person. He should know more about what is happening in the spirit realm and the rules guiding each realms.

It's so painful that 99% of Babalawo are not in the spirit realm neither do they know what is happening in the spirit realm.

They have failed to realize that being a babalawo Is more than knowing how to read ODU IFA, it's bigger than knowing the verses of IFA, it's bigger than knowing spiritual works .

If you have all this (ODU IFA, knowledge of verses of IFA , spiritual works books) and you have no knowledge of the spiritual realm neither are you wise, then you have failed as a Babalawo.

There is more to what they are teaching you or what you learned. There is more to what you don't know.

A good Babalawo should know how to calm people down and assured them that they have no problem . 

Sometimes I wished I can saw all things but I can't say anything. I am just a vessel of truth, sent to say what they have failed to see or learn.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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