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People's metric of a true Babalawo or Traditional person

People's metric of a true Babalawo or Traditional person 

Well,this is one of many article which would talk a few about many things .

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People believe that you have to pass the following metrics before they can certified you are authentic.

You must have sent a minimum of 30 years or more in isese before they can authenticate you .

You must be within the isese community or well know by the community of ISESE .

You must have chieftaincy here and there .

This metrics might be true to some extent but may be false for some of us.

Power from OBATALA and other ORISA were not giving based on how many years you have spent in isese , neither is power allocated based on the number of chieftaincy you have.

It is solely based on your input to the development of the spiritual realm and all that comes with it 

Power is giving solely on your purity of minds and intentions.

Power is giving based on what you are destined to be and the path you choose to walk.

Even if you have all the chieftaincy in the world , you might not have the power , authority and access to many things except your name .

Time is a good factor that judges a lot of things and that same time is enough to stay away from dirty groups with no good minds and intentions.

Still on time, when you know you are reincarnated, you would understand stand what life brings and what value it holds.

I know they would argue about reincarnation, why do we have iyabo and babatunde if there is no reincarnation?

As OBATALA son, I am always creating my own world, living in our own realms and world,

As the godson of ORISA OLOKUN, I always read intentions and strings attached to a lot of things like ,no two people would ever have a pure minds and intentions towards themselves. NEVER

I have seen the rise and fall of many people, it is always those who are in their community that kills them eventually.

Believe me, you don't need the crowd to be what you are destined to be.

I don't need to be known by people in any community, in as much as one or two people can dream and saw me in their dream, 

In as much as one or two people have tasted from my work and they have testimony 

In as much as IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO crown me the kings of birds,

In as much as am known by all the known and unknown ORISA in all the infinite realms of creation and existence.

I am contended ..

What else could the son of OBATALA possibly ask for ?

I am proud to be the son of OBATALA
The Godson of OLOKUN
The grandson of ORUNMILA

What else do I want?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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