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Preparing for another Batch of OSUN Initiation next week

Preparing for another Batch of OSUN Initiation next week 

Question: How many people do you initiate at a time ?

AJE NLA: I do it one at a time 

Question: Why

AJE NLA: Initiation consume much of my spiritual energy, it drained it. Now imagine doing Initiation for two people or more people at the same time. I don't know if I would faint because all my energy would he depicted.

More over doing it one at a time give me time for every initiate. Time to relate and interact. 

Time to discuss some personal issues and the way forward in Life .

Since it's one initiate at a time, your privacy is secured,you are free to ask and talk without remorse that anyone would be listening. You know what I mean .?

Question: can I come with friend and family during my initiation?

You are the one that would decide whether you want to bring a party to your initiation or not. It's your choice 

Question: Why do other Babalawo do Initiation for more than two people at a time .

AJE NLA: they want to use one stone to kill a hundred birds but at the end, it's all failure . They won't have time to interact with it initiate, no privacy and they want to save cost . Why must you manage resources when you have be paid individually?

I said Initiation drains energy , except you are not genuine or legit 

You want to attend to 10 people at the same time in 4-7days ? How would you be accurate?

Remember no human effort is 100% efficient., Looking at the stress level, efficiency would be reduced below 50%. It's just mathematics.

At the end, the clients complain that the babalawo does t have their time , they are super much.

I can't talk much...
A busy bee is always busy making honey 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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