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Reason why some soap doesn't work


Reason why some soap doesn't work

While we failed to understand some things before using them, a lot of people used soap every now and then but can't say much about them.

The believe that soap answer all problem yet it has its limitations.

In my previous article I wrote on how long it would take a soap to stop working on you., You can read it via .. .

Today we want to talk on why soaps failed to work on people .

It is possible you are using a soap and nothing seems to work and your friend uses the same soap but the soap works for him/her .

This is to show that nothing is wrong with the soap but rather something is wrong with you.

Below are reasons why soap failed to work for you

1. Your star - Not all star are eligible to use soap, if you are born under the star (Irawo) that must not use soap. Even if you bath with spiritual soap from today till eternity it would not work, instead of it to work for your progress, you would be going backwards.

2. The root cause of the problem - Soap works but it doesn't answer all problem. Soaps work easily when you have little problem. Believe me people's problem are more thicker than the other.

When you didn't address the root of the problem,when you failed to identify why and why things are not working for you. There are some problems that would not make soap to work, taking for example if IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are the cause of your problem. If you like use soap from now till eternity it would not work until you solve your problem with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO. Until then would you be able to use soap that would work or do spiritual work that works for you.

3. SEX, -  You went to do soap and you can't wait for a week or more while using the soap for the soap to settle down with you and start working for you, you start using soap today and the next day you had sex. My brother, the soap may not work for you anymore and you would just be using that soap for using sake. It's essence is gone.

If you want to have sex while using soap, wait for two weeks after using the soap before you had sex with anyone, and after having sex make sure you do some cleansing, after doing cleansing don't touch the soap or use the soap for the next two days for your body to readjust and reactivated back to your normal self before going back to using the soap again.

This are few things many babalawo would not tell you but are really causing a lot of trouble for some people out there.

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