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Similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo

Similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo

There is one or two similarities between this two egbe orun.

Though the concept of this article might not talk in details about it or let me say AJE NLA would only talk about one similarity between Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

The reason for one similarity is because of those who are good in copying and stealing articles without proper salutation or reference to the real writer.

The similarities between Omo Omi and Alaragbo is that both Omo Omi and Alaragbo are water based egbe orun.

They both lived inside water

They choose to have their meetings in the water or at the top of the water or beside the water or anywhere they chooses .

The origin of this two egbe orun (omo Omi and Alaragbo) is water .

They can't do without water and any member of this egbe orun always dream of water, either they see water or find themselves swimming of playing with water .

Well,I have tried to explain a little about Omo Omi and Alaragbo.

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