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Spirituality without Initiation is useless

Spirituality without Initiation is useless

I am not here to say this things because of anyone but I am here so that you may learn .

So many people believes that they are spiritual simply because they are having dreams and can predict what would happen to them before it happened.

My question remains that, if you have such gift and powers why haven't you solved your own problem ?

The answer is simple, no matter how spiritual or how gifted you are, if you haven't done your Initiation all those powers would just be sleeping in the spirit realm without manifestation in your real life .

A lot have changed in me in recent times , I tend to only give audience to a few who are ready for the truth.

Just like someone message me and said they have this power, they are always winning in the dream but they still don't know why life is a hell for them.

I told them, you can't really be free without the help of others in the universe or the help of the ORISA.

All those battles you are fighting would definitely waste your time and the more you fight that battle the more you become stagnant in Life.

Those who are fighting you are not aiming to kill you but to delay your progress in Life .

Without your Initiation, all those powers would only he sleeping and waking up with you. All those powers would remain in the spirit realm .

You need your initiation to merge the power with your physical body into one.

This are one of the reasons for Initiation.

When you do your Initiation, you invite other ORISA too to help you out in your battles .

I couldn't say much.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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