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What is IFA without OLOKUN ?

What is IFA without OLOKUN ?

Babalawo don't really know what IFA is all about, they just chant their book of ODU IFA along with their book of evil account.

The real knowledge of IFA ,what IFA entails or what it is all about , they don't know.

The only son of OBATALA is here to say something.. 

IFA is like a collector that collect things from everyone and compile it into one for your basics knowledge.

IFA can't work without the support of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, that is why it is easy for IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO to discipline anyone with IFA without IFA getting angry.

We are not here for that cos I already write about it 
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Today we are talking about IFA and ORISA OLOKUN.

IFA can't do without OLOKUN.

OLOKUN is superior to IFA ,

Some Babalawo argued that cowries is only attributed to OLOKUN, some Babalawo argued that it is when you use cowries that you can call it IFA OLOKUN, so they claimed that if you are not using cowries it is not IFA OLOKUN.

But I asked,what is IFA without OLOKUN?

IFA is nothing without OLOKUN.

OLOKUN is not angry with babalawo that doesn't know that he(OLOKUN) is the major force behind IFA .

Why is OLOKUN the major force behind IFA ?

There is no ORISA like OLOKUN and there would never be an ORISA like OLOKUN .

OLOKUN is the only ORISA that keep secrets and knows secrets , every ORISA goes to him to know secrets of anything they wants to know ,and that include IFA .

IFA goes to OLOKUN anytime a divination is done to get the secrets of many things .

ORUNMILA is attributed as the Father of IFA but IFA cannot work without going through OLOKUN.

OLOKUN owns the secrets and IFA wants to know the secrets from the keeper of secrets.

Tell me once again, what is IFA without OLOKUN??

90% of the spiritual work for eye opener, vision,dreams etc belongs to ORISA OLOKUN.

You can't have a third eye without OLOKUN, he enables you to see secrets .

Now tell me, what is IFA without OLOKUN?

IFA is nothing without OLOKUN.

I always tell people, I am not an IFA fans .
Though IFA is my blood brother,we are born from the same energy, even though he might be a distance relatives to the son of OBATALA.

If I talk about IFA and any ORISA, they can't get angry because they are my family, we are created and bath in the same blood of the universe.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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