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What next are they going to write in ODU IFA?


What next are they going to write in ODU IFA?

When I said am not in full support of any book of ODU IFA

Many babalawo are crying and they wanted to kill themselves.

But they can't do anything but rather go down their own graves.

They don't want to be disciplined but rather depends on what was written in a book .

In the olden days, the ODU lives within an accredited licenses OLUWO who has learnt from OLOKUN.

Don't forget that there are many mysteries we are yet to unravel.

Today we have many books and version of ODU IFA and I am predicting that they would soon produce a book of ODU IFA That supports women IFA initiation.

Currently there is no ODU IFA That talks about women IFA INITIATION.

But in the future, they would write it out in their book of ODU IFA and begin to teach other people that in one stansas of ODU IFA, IFA says woman can enter igbodu.

I know , I know

It's all the plan all along and I prefer to listen to someone with ODU living within him .

But it's so painful, we can't find such people anymore on earth.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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