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What you need to know and have as OLUWO

What you need to know and have as OLUWO 

As an OLUWO , you must have some quality and be able to do some things before you become an OLUWO .

Many people are still in the believe that you must learn from someone or learn under someone and they believe that you must have some title added to your name and you must be a well known dignitaries.

Well , all those above are just bull shit because if you don't have what I want to say below , then you are as useless as a poo and not worthy of being called an OLUWO.

I am AJE NLA, the son of OBATALA... 

You need to understand that my articles are nothing but pure truth. If you don't like it,leave it.

Nothing you can do can change my mind about the world and what I write . 

To be an OLUWO, you must visit ORISA OLOKUN

OLOKUN is a very strict ORISA that doesn't take non sense, a lot of people can't stand in his presence because of his wrath . A breath from OLOKUN would kill anyone not worthy of his time.

After you visit OLOKUN, he would train you on how to be an OLUWO. OLOKUN is the teacher because IFA is reference as IFA OLOKUN.

If you don't learn from OLOKUN, you can't learn anywhere .

After you learn from OLOKUN, you would be taken to ORUNMILA and then to IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, then you would be taken to OBATALA.

This training as OLUWO might take more than 4 years .

After graduation, the OLUWO would be imbibed in ODU and ODU IFA would be inside and within him.

My question is, how many OLUWO has ODU IFA synchronize in him or activated in him?

An OLUWO must not just be able to do IFA INITIATION for people, he (OLUWO) should be able to show up in your dream as your guide, guiding you in every thing you do via the dream.

If you do your IFA initiation and you have never dream of your OLUWO anytime or in your time of trouble. .. I am sorry to say that you haven't done a proper Initiation.

After your Initiation, you become the apprentice of that OLUWO and you learn in the dream from the OLUWO .

But today , most OLUWO don't have any ODU neither can they train people in their dream.

OLUWO today don't go and train or get train by ORISA OLOKUN. 

Everyone just do what they like and they have no ODU or power in them as OLUWO.

In the olden days , an OLUWO can cover a whole state and we don't have plenty OLUWO as today .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you don't like it ...

Then let it go .

I owe nobody an explanation.

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