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Why do I wake up tired and drained? And how to regain energy

Why do I wake up tired and drained? And how to regain energy 

This are just simple things you need to know .

Many of us are in one spiritual groups or the other and the groups we belongs to are doing one activities or the other .

If your egbe orun are having party, you would dance and dance till you can't dance anymore.

If this happens there is tendency that you would wake up tired and drained 

There are times you are having a lot of spiritual Battles any time you sleep, when this happened you would wake up tired and drained .

Other times it be that you didn't sleep in a proper sleeping position, you would wake up drain 

In fact there are many reasons why people wake up drained and tired but we only speak about this three reasons for learning sake .

The solution to this cannot be find only , I am very sorry that I won't be releasing the recipe or what to do anytime you wake up drain and tired but the least you can do is to do consultation.

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