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Your mouth is your ASE

Your mouth is your ASE

People still don't know the power that lies in their mouth especially babalawo and all those who have the power of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

The way you talk to people affects them and you are also affected in another way .

It affects you if you said bad word at people and it comes to pass, you would be held responsible for the cause of their calamity.

Because you are the ones that said bad things against them and you would also suffer in their suffering.

Rather than saying bad things to everyone, why not say good things that would make good things happen to them and be responsible for causing good things to happen to someone.

So that directly or indirectly you would be affected in a positive way.

Some people noticed that anything they say is always coming to pass.

You have the power in you and you have to be careful.

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