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Activating the Portal within You and travel the spiritual realm


Activating the Portal within You and travel the spiritual realm

Read from AJE NLA, I have never been too proud of anything more than the way I am a proud son of OBATALA.

The essence of IFA and ORISA Initiation is to link you up with the direct energy coming from the ORISA .

We know, we have half baked OLUWO up and down doing IFA INITIATION for people and they couldn't train those people on what next to do and what happened during the Initiation that wasn't visible to the eye of men.

After your Initiation, a portal is created within your body that links to external worlds and realms.

Many OLUWO didn't create a portal for their initiate during the the IFA and ORISA Initiation.

There is no better way to travel into the moon than going through the portal that has been created within you .

That is why many philosophy emphasizes to look inward, everything you are looking for is within you.

IFA and ORISA Initiation is now stronger than before, you have to be trained by ORISA OLOKUN, licensed by OBATALA, have the permission of OSUN before you can initiate anyone .

Many part of the realms have been repaired and everything is as good as old.

So many people are having visions and dreams with no one to interpret it for them.

I couldn't talk More....

You yourself know that the IFA INITIATION they did for you is not 100 legit. .. it is half baked because it was done by an unlicensed OLUWO.

So therefore you are deprived the ability to go into the other realms .

Do your IFA and ORISA Initiation from an OLOKUN trained , OBATALA licensed and OSUN accredited OLUWO.

When you sleep, you soul or spirit so to called leaves your Body and go into another world or universe. You can't see it and you can't remember because you are blocked from it, to see it is to be activated and be initiated.

After your Initiation, your dream changes and your eyes opened .

You become aware of everything and you are awakened .

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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