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Babalawo 113: Not all Babalawo are Babalawo

Babalawo 113: Not all Babalawo are Babalawo 

Everyone has their criteria of a good Babalawo.

Some people loved babalawo that can chant the book of ODU IFA from A-Z.

Others loved a babalawo that know how to dance while diung rituals 

Some loved babalawo that looks handsome  

Others loved babalawo with a dirty shrine 

Some loved babalawo that has a lot of book of account 

Others loved babalawo that follow them and do evil or do all sort of things they wanted him to do.

The council for IFA religion has their own criteria for a good Babalawo.

The institute of IFA religion and every groups of Babalawo, cults etc has their criteria for being a good Babalawo.

But this criteria am listing below carries more weight than anything you can imagine .

The first criteria for being a good Babalawo is to be a member of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, I wrote about this in .

You can't be a good Babalawo if you are not a member of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

We all know that IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are superior in rank to IFA .

You need them for a better IFA and for your work to go smoothly.

The second criteria for being a good Babalawo is to be able to travel in the spiritual realm.

Since you have been visiting a babalawo, how many of those Babalawo have you seen in your dream giving you herbs , medicine and whatever to enhance your spirituality?

I wrote an article that babalawo are both physical and spiritual, read it via . 

Even if your babalawo is very far from where you are,he should be able to locate you in the spirit realm to help you with whatever you are passing through..

If you have not been dreaming about your babalawo or have not seen your babalawo before in the dream. 

Then your babalawo is not a good Babalawo, probably just named himself or learnt from a blind OLUWO that is not accredited by OBATALA or trained by OLOKUN.

Another criteria to look for is that your babalawo should be able to interpret your dream very efficiently.

Babalawo are having a direct link with the ORISA such that they are blessed with knowledge and insight to interpret dreams from many angles 

If what your babalawo says after listening to your dream is to bring money , bring money, just know that he doesn't have the wisdom to interpret dream.

Have heard people visit babalawo and iyanifa for dream interpretation and the next thing they said is oko orun, and after doing the oko orun whatever the problem is still there .

They didn't understand the dream and gave it a wrong interpretation , that is why the solution they bring didn't changes .

Not all babalawo are Babalawo because many babalawo just loved the work or the named called babalawo.

To be a babalawo, you have to be trained by ORUNMILA.

How many babalawo are trained by ORUNMILA?

I have always tell stories of how I was trained by ORISA OLOKUN.

People think I am running mad or insane because they think what I say or am saying is impossible .

Is it impossible or you are missing something?

I wrote that my apprentice was linked up with my by OSUN before I accept.

If you are not doing things the normal ancient usual way then you would never see result as of old.

Every day I learn and I learn from OBATALA and all the ORISA .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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