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Babalawo that doesn't respect OBATALA should not expect any good thing from ORUNMILA

Babalawo that doesn't respect OBATALA should not expect any good thing from ORUNMILA .

We AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again.
You need to know that nothing give us more pleasure than speaking the truth and we would never hide behind any man or thing .

Most people or babalawo don't know that OBATALA is the ORISA for creation. Infact I posted an article on how I asked WhatsApp Al for questions , see the question and answer from this UrL via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/if-you-are-on-whatsapp-ask-this.html

We AJE NLA the son of OBATALA further posted a video comparing OBATALA and ORUNMILA, check it out via https://www.orisa.com.ng/2024/07/video-obatala-vs-orunmila-who-is-king.html .
From the video above, you would learn that OBATALA is the king of all ORISA and not ORUNMILA. Infact that video is in English language for everyone to understand.

People don't know how important OBATALA is to OLODUMARE.

OBATALA is the heartbeat of OLODUMARE.

Every spiritual transaction or anything with anyone is always directly to OBATALA.

If there is a war between any ORISA ,it is OBATALA that would settle it. If you don't know that ORISA fights each other .

Any babalawo that doesn't respect OBATALA should not expect anything from OLODUMARE,

Any babalawo that doesn't respect OBATALA should not expect anything from ORUNMILA.

Because ORUNMILA bowed before OBATALA his creator and father.

If you have ever travel to OBATALA temple in the spiritual realm, where OBATALA built his castle in the highest heaven , you would know that after OBATALA it is OLODUMARE and you can't get to OLODUMARE without passing through OBATALA.

We have visited OBATALA before last two years when I was involved In fight between which religion is good and bad, my experience was jotted down via this link https://www.orisa.com.ng/2023/08/my-visit-to-obatalas-temple-in-heaven.html .

In that temple, I made a voice against all ORISA and religion. I said and I quote.

If anyone wants to kill me (then I wasn't AJE NLA, neither am I doubled into Us, I was still singular and not plural into us.)

I accuse all the ORISA and gods of each religion of being partial , sleepy and said many things that provoke them all.

I said if any of you want to kill me ,go ahead cos I really don't care and they almost killed me when OBATALA step in and gave me a purpose .

From that moment I became the son of OBATALA.

OBATALA made our life meaningful, we had many dreams and visions and today we are teaching the world , telling the world how things Must be done.

Many people don't know the laws of the ORISA , neither has they been there in their whole reincarnation together but they would sit and start saying rubbish about what they don't know and we AJE NLA don't care about anyone. We just do our thing ...

We remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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