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Differences in different ORISA AJE


Differences in different ORISA AJE

Am happy to say that I have launched my third ORISA AJE out of 200+  ORISA AJE that ever existed.

People don't really know the difference between AJE OLOKUN and other ORISA AJE .

They feed AJE for you and they make you believe that it is AJE OLOKUN when it is not .

How many ORISA AJE do you know as a babalawo apart from AJE OLOKUN?

How many ORISA AJE do you have as a babalawo?

Have been on this issue for a very long time and I would keep on saying it that AJE OLOKUN doesn't eat EKURU or egg.

There are many ORISA AJE and each AJE has its own unique way of feeding.

But the problem is that Babalawo doesn't even know the difference in different ORISA AJE.

They believe all ORISA AJE are AJE OLOKUN, this is not true.

I could have list out the 200+ different ORISA AJE that existed but I was forbidden by OBATALA to say it.

I am on ORISA AJE number 3, the names of this ORISA AJE is well known by

My clients know their name, they know them.

My apprentice know their name and they know them. Yes I have an apprentice, It was a direct link up between me and OSUN.

Most people wanted to be my apprentice but they don't that you have to be brought by an ORISA, an ORISA has to bring you to me in my dream before you become my apprentice.

Yea... Am not recruiting cats and dogs...  No.

We are doing it old school ways...

My initiate, those I initiated into OSUN knows this ORISA because during my initiation, I always make sure that all this ORISA are well fed and sacrifice were made to them.

That is the importance of doing OSUN Initiation with AJE NLA, you get connected and have the chance to meet a lot of ORISA ,make sacrifices to a lot of ORISA such that after your osun Initiation, your life would never remained the same again.

Some ORISA AJE eats Akara. ... Can you imagined?

Others eat EKURU

Some eat eggs

Some eats only fruits

Some only love to drink the blood of animals ,a selected animal

AJE OLOKUN doesn't drink blood , you can't kill any animal and put the blood in AJE OLOKUN calabash, Never.

How then do we feed ORISA AJE OLOKUN? Those who know the difference between different ORISA AJE knows the best way of feeding each ORISA.

I am an ORISA collector, am bringing back ancient ORISA and in the future I would be initiating people into this ORISA making sure they never ceased to exist anymore.

I have travel the world of different AJE and I know that each AJE are unique in their way and feeding ,I know that each AJE is different in their sources, and i know that each AJE have their own world. Only if you can visit those world.

Don't be mad that you are not traveling In those realms , that is because your IFA initiation is half baked ......

I remains AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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