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Hell is another realm in the universe and it doesn't have Fire

Hell is another realm in the universe and it doesn't have fire 

To say that have not been to hell is an heresy or a lie on me and AJE NLA the son of OBATALA doesn't tell lies.

Hell is another realm in the universe just like this earth . Hell is not as big as this universe but it houses and contains a lot of people of different calibers.

People in hell are bounded by love and they can't do without each other .

As a spiritual traveller, I have been there many times without number and I have looked and looked looking for fire but I can't find or see.

To say that hell doesn't exist is an heresy but to say that the people in hell are living in Fire is a bigger lie.

One thing you need to know is that hell does exist but not a place of hatred, or a place where people burn in an imaginary fire.

Someone just wake up some day and decided to stop people from living their life, stop people from traveling in the spirit realm.

I laughed and I see no one to joined me in laughing.

In my next article I would be writing about the kingdom of darkness and it's location.

Know this and know peace .

That you can only hear the truth from the son of OBATALA

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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