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How do you think ORISA OSUN looks like ???


How do you think ORISA OSUN looks like ?

Everyone who is a fake OSUN priest or priestess can't tell what OSUN look like because they don't have her visit anymore .

Gone are the days when the ORISA always find time to pay their priest and priestess a visit but today, it is not happening anymore.

Week t have pure priest and priestess of ORISA anymore ,what we have are hunger called priest and priestess of ORISA .

Well,for those who don't know how yeye OSUN looks like,may be you should sit down and have a spec of what she might look like .

Some are already guessing if OSUN was a black woman, or may be OSUN is white in colour .

On the colour of skin or how ORISA OSUN looks according to her complexity is not a discussion.

All I can say or tell is that OSUN is the most prettiest ORISA that ever was.

If you check your book of ODU IFA, specifically in the Odu Ifá called "Ogbe Ate" or "Ogbe Otura," it is stated that Orunmila acknowledges and praises Osun's beauty.

Fill your imagination, OSUN is pretty that everyone is afraid she might stole or win the heart of their husband .

Fill your heart, I really hope OSUN paid you a visit someday .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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