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Must you visit a babalawo or see a babalawo face to Face before your problem is over?.????

Must you visit a babalawo or see a babalawo face to Face before your problem is over?.????

To answer this question, why do you think you have to be there before your problem is over .

The only reason why we see babalawo face to face is to affirm and confirm or convinced ourselves that whatever this babalawo is doing is legit based on what we see and how he does whatever he does.

You don't have to see a babalawo or visit a babalawo before your problem is over.

Your name in this world carries a lot of weight and spiritual balance , the name of the woman who birth you also carries a lot of weights in locating you in the other realms .

Your name and your mother's name would enable us to locate you in the soritual realm and after we locate you,we would do what is important and necessary for you.

Most of my clients are not in Nigeria and I don't think have seen any for now ,may be later in the future we might see.

Some clients are in Abuja while others are in a very far places from where I am. 

But that doesn't mean their work would not be done properly, their work would be done excellently.

Their soap and other materials are always shipped to them via D...L...

Their consultation were done in their absence and everything was done without them being here 

Babalawo are not just global but are spiritual and available in every realms and heaven .........

Most of the work babalawo does are spiritual, after doing it on the physical world the babalawo would still go in the spiritual world to finish the Job.

While the Babalawo was In the spirit realm, he would summoned the owner of the Job, took the client on a journey to do one or two things for the client .

Most of my clients have dreamt of me in one way or the other since we have not met.

That is to show that even if I can't be there physically to do what is needed, I am always available for them in their dream to do the needful.

I learnt all this from ORISA OLOKUN who trained AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

Don't forget that OBATALA is the creator whether you agree or not .

If you have not dream of your babalawo before in your dream, may be you should run away from him 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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