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Pet animals for egbe orun ANIWURA

Pet animals for egbe orun ANIWURA 

Each egbe orun has their own pet animals and few people don't know this .

People in egbe orun Eleriko has snake as their pet animals .

People in IYALODE has a big bird as their pet animals .

People in egbe orun ANIWURA has dragons as their pet animals .

Dragons are always following them in the spirit and some of them have a keen eye to see dragon in realm life with their third eyes .

This egbe loves to hide things a lot and that is because the world is a bad place to be and they are afraid they may want to kill their dragon or separate them from their dragon.

Many people don't believe in dragons and many still think they are a myth .

This egbe orun ANIWURA are heavily guided by a dragon.

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The son of OBATALA 

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