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Reason why there is failed egbe orun initiation (eru egbe didi)

Reason why there is failed egbe orun initiation (eru egbe didi)

Most Babalawo and iyanifa believe that egbe orun initiation should take a particular turn out, some even have a book on how to do egbe orun initiation.

I laughed in Arabiiiiicccc.

My name is AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

There are some key factors that must be done in egbe orun initiation that is missing in books and manual you read about .

This key factor is the reason why there is a lot of failed egbe orun initiation. I have met different people who claimed to have done more than three egbe orun initiation and yet nothing happened.

There is no static way of doing egbe orun initiation, even though the rituals might look alike. But what each egbe orun want differs and how you do their final rites of Initiation also differs.

I wanted to do egbe orun initiation for someone, I already know the steps to take but I still don't know how the ORISA egbe am doing for her would look like because her egbe orun is different and not so popular like others like Eleriko, Alaragbo etc .

After egbe orun initiation, it is your Right to have your own ORISA egbe to be able to communicate with your egbe .. 

After egbe orun initiation in some places, they won't give you ORISA egbe that was meant for the egbe orun you belong to, they would just do anything as your ORISA egbe and this would also lead to failed egbe orun initiation.

While I was thinking of how to do her egbe orun, I slept off.

In my dream I was visited by her egbe orun,they introduced themselves and teach me on how to do the INITIATION and the right materials to use for the Initiation and how the ORISA egbe for this particular person should look like.

I woke up happier because my problem is solved . 

From the above article, you would understand that each egbe have their own symbols and how to do their ORISA egbe for their members of egbe Orun.

The most common egbe orun is IYALODE, Alaragbo, Eleriko, Jagun ..

My article tomorrow would be about this egbe Orun and I would write in full details on their name and what they do.

This is one of the ways I found my articles, my articles are my experience and exploration around the realms of the ORISA.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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