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The real kingdom of darkness and it's location

The real kingdom of darkness and it's location

This is not an article about something dark but a more enlightenment for a mind to be more awakened .

There is no doubt that a realm is called kingdom of darkness, it's not that dark but it's dark like night but it's all glowing dark.

Meanwhile the realm kingdom of darkness is Ignorant.

If someone said something is dark doesn't mean there is no light in there,dark is a word that project something evil in our mind .

The same way we have been made to believe that spiritual husband are bad, we have been made to believe that our tradition is bad and evil.

We have been made to believe that there is evil all around us and this has blinded us to see what is right in front of us.

The real kingdom of darkness is Ignorant.

People who are ignorant of the truth are the ones living in the kingdom of darkness.

I heard a Pastor has just released a new darkness into the world , a pastor has claimed to have gone to heaven to receive a miracle soap that solve all problem and the funniest thing is that the soap can't be afforded by any ordinary folks begging for their daily bread.

I heard the miracle soap is $1000 which is equivalent to N1,000,000 is we admit that $1 is equivalent to N1000.

Even if the soap is sold for less than $5, how many soap did Jesus sold in his lifetime????

How many miracle did bros J, Jesus sold in his 33 years in Life.???

This is where the ignorant comes in, people would buy this miracle soap .

A soap I think that was made in the backyard of a babalawo, fortified with the ase of OBATALA.

I am thinking loud , though I never said it was made in the backyard or in a shrine .... 

I said I think it was made, it wasn't an affirmative word.... English can be confusing for some people.

Tell me who is living in darkness?????

The Romans has gotten a way to collect tax from you and you are still paying that tax indirectly.

Still paying tithe and offering ....??? What an indirect tax impose on ignorant people.

I couldn't talk more ...

Babalawo we are coming for you , this is just an article to open other people's eyes too.

We have our own issues to discuss too, Traditionalist.

We are the sons of OBATALA
We are AJE NLA

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