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What you must not do to your spiritual Husband

What you must not do to your spiritual Husband 

If you are still doubting whether there is spiritual husband or not, may be you should read this article via .

If you have finished reading the above article ,then you can proceed to what AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has to say.

Too many people are said to be having spiritual husband issues when in the real sense their problem is not related to what they are told their problem is .

Many are mislead and are facing big problem from the wrong step they took.

Part of those wrong step are the following

Separation from spiritual husband 

Beating spiritual husband / Fighting spiritual husband 

Let me burst your brain with something, every woman has a spiritual husband and every man has a spiritual wife .

I have written something about sex in the dream, read it via


Why do we all have spiritual husband and wife? 

That is an article for another day and you have to keep visiting to read it .

Spiritual husband and wife are not the reason why you are having difficulty, the reason why you are having difficulty is when you do the above forbidden things like separation.

When you failed to do your rights and what you promised to be doing when you get to this realm.

Read more about egbe orun via


Another reason why you are having difficulty is because you failed to see the strings of events in your life and you are quick to judge who is responsible when you ought to find solution, looking for who is responsible for this in your life and you would be jumping from one babalawo to pastors.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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