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Who made ORUNMILA the king of ORISA ?

Who made ORUNMILA the king of ORISA ?

When and how?

Infront of who and who?

What did ORUNMILA did to overthrown OBATALA...????

So ORUNMILA is the king and OBATALA is what?

 A slave?

Look at what this Araba of what I don't know is saying .

When I said we have a lot of undisciplined, untrained, uncultured whatever that called themselves Babalawo.

People think I want to spoil things for some people.

How can someone say ORUNMILA was made king by all the ORISA , was he there ?

So if ORUNMILA was king , what would OBATALA be??

This is why we are still backward ..

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA.

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