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This Blog was created to Give an accurate knowledge of all the Orisa both lost and unaccounted Orisa and the present ones.

About the Author

Am ODEWOLE OLUSEGUN AJE NLA, the grand son of AGBODERE , the SON OF OBATALA, the son of ORUNMILA, the son of OLOKUN, the son of OLOSA, the son of YEMOJA, the son of OSUN, the son of AGIRA, the son of AGEMO and all ofher ORISA.

I am an IFA student and a Spiritual traveller who has traveled to the other world of existence where I bring with me various knowledge, information that will help mankind.

All of the article written on this blog were authenticated by the ORISA themselves as they are the one who always give me inspiration and approval before written.

Have seen many pastors and muslim clerics trying to steal information written on this blog just to make money, your day of death remains minus 1 because you all are after money ,not what you want to offer to mankind and that is why many of you are not progressing spiritually, jumping from one black power to another, practicing different spiritual means to attain Power.

You can contact me, I don’t pray for people. Am not a pastor, but i can Consult IFA for you and your problem would be Over.


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