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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

What makes AJE NLA special from others

What makes AJE NLA special from others

What makes AJE NLA special from others

I am not OLODUMARE and I don't want to be OLODUMARE, I am not OBATALA yet OBATALA back me in his mighty back that I shouldn't fall.

I am not OSUN but I can't stop learning to be patient from her , am not IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO yet they covered me with their wings such that I can fly and I never fall down.

I pay my tributes to all the ORISA and I have more than just faith in them because they have prove more than alive than any other religious Beliefs.

Someone came to me for feeding of ORISA ONIMERE and after the feeding the person ask me.

Aje NLA why are you not putting sakamaje or small shakara Into what you are doing,make it look bigger than what it is .

I laughed and told him that I don't need to stress myself,I already see the presence of my friends from the other realms, I am also in the spirit realm to enhance the prayer and feeding of the ORISA .

I don't need to do any stress or sakamaje for my prayers to be answered .

The authority is there and i don't need to use horn power or whatever.

I said I am already stress with you being here and using my spiritual energy to enhance the prayer.

I don't need additional stress by jumping up and down and adding what doesn't add value to it.

On a final note I said,if you didn't see any changes within 3 month come and collect your money.


He was shocked..

How many babalawo can say that?

I have faith in what I do and I drive on a full tank of faith .


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Monday, February 19, 2024

Friday, February 9, 2024

Your Money can buy physical title but can't buy spiritual title

Your Money can buy physical title but can't buy spiritual title

Your Money can buy physical title but can't buy spiritual title 

Yea you have seen seen many yeye OLOKUN, yeye OSUN and others with gigantic titles but they don't have spiritual title .

They can buy all the title in the world with their money and physical connection but they can't buy spiritual authority and title.

Just to show my picture for the day..

I rest my case.

Thursday, February 8, 2024




There are many derivative of AJE but there is only one AJE OLOKUN.

AJE is the daughter of OLOKUN and we have been made to believe and known but there are also other ORISA AJE .

Those other ORISA AJE are ANIGILAJE, am ORISA AJE that lived within the tree. Many people often worship this AJE via tree.

Many babalawo uses a sample of tree as their symbols of AJE . It is not a bad thing because it is still a derivative or version of AJE .

Many other Babalawo advertise ESU ALAJE as another ORISA that give AJE 

Only few people have idea about the real AJE which is AJE OLOKUN.

AJE OLOKUN is the true AJE ,the only daughter of OLOKUN.

Other AJE are still AJE but there is only one AJE OLOKUN.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Sunday, February 4, 2024

If I don't speak the truth ,no one will - AJE NLA

If I don't speak the truth ,no one will - AJE NLA

If I don't speak the truth ,no one will - AJE NLA

Everyone is busy gathering wealth,they want to build houses and ride big cars .

Babalawo now loved yahoo clients more than anyone else because of quick money and because they want to drive cars and build houses they can't take to heaven.

We have create a system of extorting money from people ,a steady income to raise our livelihood.

We have been made blind by the people we think they know the path more than we do,they block our access to the spirit realm because they want it to be monopoly.

The moment you told them your dream, they would block you from dreaming.

They would tell you to do IFA INITIATION and then do the ORISA Initiation one after the other when in the real sense,it's just one. IFA combines them all.

They would tell you to do irari ORISA and collect your money when they know it's not really necessary or important.

They advertise only Ori as if Ori is the only ORISA that existed.

They tell you egbe orun this and that and in the real sense they don't know how to do the real egbe orun initiation, they do all Initiation for you and yet you can't see your egbe orun.

They tell you to feed your egbe orun weekly, what a steady flow of income for them. 

They bill you and you don't see what you are paying for .

They tell you to do all sort of ebo and you see no changes.

You do the begging of the elders from one babalawo to another and yet no one likes you.

If I don't speak the truth,who would ?

Babalawo are now selling product like drug for people to buy, they sell OSHOLE when they don't use it.

They sell something to bind you to your loved ones and they forced themselves to sleep with ladies they came to them for IFA consultation.

If I ODUKUNLE OLUWO AJE NLA didn't speak the truth,who would?

Nobody is ready to tell you the truth that there is no power anywhere except the power of OLODUMARE, they initiate you into dark forces and you start paying the prices.

Nobody would tell you that OBATALA and other ORISA don't tolerate indiscipline or impurities.

Many shrines have abhor many atrocities, many babalawo has done many evil deeds in the name of money.

They make you believe that IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are wicked , they think that Osanyin is wicked , they say a lot of bad things about what they don't know.

They even write books and sell to make more money.

They have blinded people such that people don't want to hear the truth simply because it is not printed in a book with a big sign post .

If I don't say the truth ,tell me who would?

Am not a slave to mankind or money, and am not afraid of any man, politician or king.

If I don't tell you the truth who would?

Tell me one single babalawo you knew that has not done money rituals or OSHOLE before? 

Tell me one babalawo that has not slept with a other man's wife?

Tell me one babalawo that has not done love binding before?

Tell me one babalawo that stayed sacred for 7 days after having Intercourse with his woman without doing IFA divination or spiritual work.

Tell me one babalawo that do his cleansing after intercourse?

Tell me one babalawo that has not interfere in what doesn't concern him just because they want to give him money.?

If I don't say the truth, name one babalawo that would?

I am ODUKUNLE OLUWO AJE NLA.. +2347031178647

I speak nothing but the truth and if the truth hurt your ego, go and die.
How my IFA initiation came to be - AJE NLA

How my IFA initiation came to be - AJE NLA

How my IFA initiation came to be - AJE NLA

I was just a cab driver in the mega city of ABEOKUTA not knowing what lies ahead of me. 

I believe in hardwork, discipline and faithfulness. One day I sleep and found myself amidst some group of people who were wearing white, they greeted me welcome saying it's been long, why did I abandoned them. I beg them for forgiveness and they gave me a burnt meat to eat. I ate all the meat and I even wake up to drink water because after waking up, I still fell the taste in my mouth.

I woke up and told my wife, I gather some money and she went to do egbe orun initiation for me, I wasn't there because of my Driving Job.

When she came back she brought all the eatable for me which I enjoyed eating without sharing.  After the INITIATION I get some new friends who prefer me to take them around the city of ABEOKUTA in drop, I don't hustle much like before .

I just stay at home and a call would enter my phone, people started referring me as a good expert driver and I have many private contact.

I attend meetings and I told them, this is what I want us to be doing now, I set some new rules and how the egbe orun should be doing, in fact I change their perspective about a lot of things and I really put in all I can.

I never knew someone from another spiritual group was in our group. He went ahead and refer me to join their group but I can't join the new group because I wasn't initiated into IFA .

Before I knew it, I was taken to some other beings and spirit and I was initiated in the spirit realm, I remember my ODU, it was one of the powerful ODU IFA that ever was,the Power to create life and the power to take Life away.

If you know this ODU, that is beautiful.

They claimed am an old soul, this boy is IFA from heaven and we need to help him realized his purpose of creation . They believed have lived a thousands years and I deserve to know why I am here now..

That was how I started, it's been 4years now and am not stopping. Last year I decided to create a blog because of the ORISA and to preserve yoruba culture. They loved it.

As time goes on they called me and said ORUNMILA wanted to see me. I went and ORUNMILA asked me, which method of divination Do I loved to use between Opele, Cowries and other.

I choose Cowries as my method of divination because of my Father OBATALA.

They enrolled me in a spiritual school of IFA and divination.

They even invited me to the world conference of Babalawo where all spiritual and faithful babalawo were present, I was the only one using cowrie and I guess I am there to teach and propagate the usefulness of cowries.

I have been to many groups or cult in the spirit realm and I wrote a few things from what I have learnt or seen.

I don't know much of what is happening here on earth, I don't have a book of account I inherit and am not thinking of writing anyone.

Have been restricted from Most Spiritual work many Babalawo are doing . Am bounded by laws I dare not break.

Even now with a bigger law that I think am helpless sometimes, once I tell you the truth and you don't want to listen, I block you off.

Am AJE NLA. +2347031178647, this is the short version of how I become a babalawo and a spirit traveller.

Many people think this can only happen in the olden days but it is happening everywhere. The ORISA are not dead , they are watching all of us and they knew our inner mind and intentions.

I know I have created many enemies because of the truth  I offer, I really don't care how many are looking for my downfall or my death. There is a contract with many ORISA including death, they are watching over me and to deal with those who misbehave towards me.

I really don't care about many things because things would sort itself out.

I preach spiritual realm and nothing More.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Thursday, February 1, 2024

What is the meaning of AJE NLA?

What is the meaning of AJE NLA?

What is the meaning of AJE NLA?

AJE NLA is a word like a sword .it has two meaning based on how it appears to you .

AJE can mean a witch or wizard , which says that AJE NLA is a great wizard 

AJE can also mean wealth, Looking from the angle of ORISA AJE. So AJE NLA can mean great wealth controller .

You know a true Babalawo is also a wizard.

A true Babalawo would go to meetings in the spirit realm with other witches and wizard , he would always give them their tribute.

That is why if a babalawo that is not a wizard or a babalawo that is not attending meetings do begging of the elders for you . It would not work.

The elders would see it as an insult .

I come in peace.

Friday, January 19, 2024

AJE NLA more than just a Babalawo

AJE NLA more than just a Babalawo

AJE NLA more than just a Babalawo

Am not here to praise myself but if I do I think I deserve it.

I have given mantra to those who need it , those who have been duped by many babalawo and no changes, those who love to have an inner connection with the ORISA and the universe, I have also given those mantra out on the above criteria and most importantly purity of earth and soul.

I have a lot of conversation with people both him and abroad like a therapy to help them grow both in the physical realm and spiritual realm.

I discus and give insight to their dreams , I help with their dream interpretations, I give advise based on reality and I give them the power to make choices because it is against the law to influence people's decision.

Many think am wise but I am not wise . I only do what I was sent to do, I only say what I heard and was whisper in my ears .

Many of my friends are woman, I called them friends because they are no more clients , our relationship is more than that and I respect the boundary.

I have heard many stories of indiscipline in Many Babalawo which would come up in one of my article.

Am AJE NLA, am not just a Babalawo.
I am everything to everyone, a healer, a babalawo, a consultant, an adviser , dream interpretation, a therapist and many more 

I would say, I don't waste my time with people if my heart doesn't.

Am discipline.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Is there repercussions for Feeding AJE ?

Is there repercussions for Feeding AJE ?

Is there repercussions for Feeding AJE ?

This days I have received a lot of message and call from people that want to go into one AJE spiritual work or the other.

AJE is a white and pure ORISA that has no stain or blemish. She doesn't fight or go to war.

AJE doesn't like blood and you can't kill or shed blood in her name, this goes to whoever is feeding AJE with blood sacrifice, whatever you think you are doing is not AJE and it's not for AJE .

Even if we use animals to feed AJE, all animals are set free to go on their way without shedding their blood on the ground or staining AJE with the blood.

I have been asked questions like if I feed AJE would I pay with the life of my children?

AJE is not in any form asking for something in return after feeding her.

Just look at it like this, a royal queen with a lot of money and nothing to do with the money but decide to give it out to those who recognize and acknowledge her as the queen of riches . 

AJE doesn't need anything from you than feeding , and you feeding is a way to acknowledge her as the wealth of all nation worldwide.

Why would there be repercussions for using fruits and not shedding blood on something that doesn't ask for anything else in return? 

Once you feed AJE, you will be blessed with a lot of spiritual cowries that will be working for you gradually gradually that things will start changing small small.

It might take like 3_6 months before you see a big change but it doesn't mean that you will not see changes. As we all you, Rome was not built in a day.

Feeding AJE doesn't turn you to a millionaire over night, it takes time before wealth is built up. Hence I said 3-6 month.

Changes would start showing in your business, people would love to do business with you and connection would start flowing .

There is no repercussions for feeding AJE unless what they do for you is not AJE , if something else was done for you and they call it AJE .

Such bad thing would be requesting for money from you..

If you are in that shoe of being involved in a bad mess of fake and bloody AJE , you need a strong spiritual Man to pull you out of it and it would cost you a lot of money.

Am AJE NLA. +2347031178647, am a babalawo and am not here to advertise but to shed light on some dark side of life that some fake people have been feeding you ..

There by giving you the bad feeling, mindset about AJE and Yoruba ORISA.

Am the son of OBATALA, thank you for reading 

Monday, January 15, 2024

Did you Miss AJE NLA AJE festival? get in here

Did you Miss AJE NLA AJE festival? get in here

Thank you for celebrating AJE festival with me

It was a spectacular events in the spirit realm where the party was hosted.

I want to thank you all for your support.

Today is Monday, if you need to feed AJE for your business you can contact AJE NLA+2347031178647.

No doubt there are many shadows of AJE which many people claimed to be AJE but it is not .

This shadows of AJE collect blood or other items which are ridiculous.

I have watched a lot of video on the internet, and I must say that most of them are shadows of AJE .

Have seen a lot of video where people feed AJE with eggs, this egg is even common on the internet. .... Fake feeding, fake AJE, AJE shadow.

I have seen people used guinea fowl feed AJE , I laughed cos I knew it's fake. Fake AJE , just a shadow of AJE .

I was actually with AJE all through the weekend, it was a giant party and I must confess. I was blessed with AJE.. probably my name would be great and might AJE NLA, 😁.

What you see on the internet is far far different from the reality of things , it's far far different from the original things.

While it might work for some people, it might not work for some people Because it is not the original things.

AJE is a pure as OBATALA, she doesn't like blood shed neither does she involve in blood ritual.

If you want a clean spiritual support of AJE in your business, you need to feed the correct AJE for things to go on smoothly. It doesn't matter your head ,it would work .

Saturday, January 13, 2024

No doubt ORISA AJE is the most famous ORISA

No doubt ORISA AJE is the most famous ORISA

No doubt ORISA AJE is the most famous ORISA 

We are in AJE weekend and I am preparing for the homecoming party for AJE the ORISA for wealth and prosperity.

Whether you agree or not.

We prayed in the morning that God should bless us,we forget that God is the name of the white man supreme being.

We don't know what the white man was thinking before creating the word God but we agree to their supremacy.

You are praying the wrong prayer to the wrong person.

The same thing goes to the Muslim, we pray for wealth and do some spiritual work of wealth .

Some churches also do spiritual work of blessing .

But no amount of spiritual work can replace the fact that you need to Feed ORISA AJE .

ORISA AJE is the owner of wealth, prosperity, progress, and anything relating to it .

AJE doesn't fight and her Job is to bless you, connect you with buyers and sellers, connect you with those who will help your business. .The christians call it divine connection. You are talking about AJE .

She is my new girlfriend now, 😁 I can see her smiling since yesterday I started this AJE movement.

Everyone has their own way of feeding AJE and I must say AJE has many children. The result of her many children is what give room to variation in the way different people feed AJE .

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I do was to thank my Ori, followed by thanking AJE .

The role of AJE cannot be underestimated.

As you know , am AJE NLA +2347031178647. AJE is in my name, ever wonder why? 

Why was my name AJE NLA, I would tell you what you don't know today .

There is one AJE NLA in the universe, selected at the general meetings of the ORISA that used to happen once in every 200 years. That means when am dead, another person would be selected as the AJE NLA.

Am not thinking of dieing now till am 150 years old and those who pray for my death would die in the next 7days of their prayer .

It's a spiritual title and not just a title. 

We distribute AJE to everyone according to their prayer and works .

Though AJE doesn't fight and hence the reason why some people are still poor. You need to fight off those battles before AJE is activated.

AJE home coming Party

AJE home coming Party

AJE home coming Party 

AJE is finally coming home after a long time and a long journey in many countries of the world.

AJE has decided to pay is a visit and it's a permanent one.

Just like all parties, it a spiritual party and if you are a Spiritual traveller you are invited to experience this event .

It's been like a million years ago that they had this party .

It would be done Tomorrow Sunday night against Monday night .

OLOKUN PALACE, if you are a traveller join us 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

AJE NLA in the multiverse

AJE NLA in the multiverse

AJE NLA in the multiverse.

This is how it looks like to go in the spirit realm and study .

I have said this times without number, am not a charm person, I don't partake in power tuzzling .

Power is not giving to anyone or any man, Power is born within a Man with the purest of heart.

People who look for Power up and down are not going to see Power because power chooses its own people .

So many people have contacted me for power and after all have said ,they cant follow that path.

They can't fast or be sincerely.  They think Power is all about doing evil and showing people that you are the Boss .

You are welcome to My world of creativity.

I know power has no boundaries.

Am AJE NLA spiritual traveller of the other realms of human existence.

Don't contact me for Power, or charm because I don't have any.

What I have is wisdom from OBATALA and ORUNMILA.

I can guide you on the solution to your problem no matter how many places you have been or how much you have lost during stupid rituals and the rest from unchosen ,non pure people who are just there to make money.

I don't force people to do what I say after all it's your Life and you have the power to choose where you want to be.

Pure and simple ancient way of doing things devine authority from above.

Today is an holiday and I just want to drink my liquor before sleeping and dosing off.

Today is Tuesday, own by Sango and Ogun.

I would take some liquor to them in their forest and kill some meats for us to eat while we prepare for spiritual Battles and war.

I love that picture because it depicts what is going on in the spirit realm and how I spent hours reading from hidden scroll in OLOKUN library deep in the sea.

Am off to bed..  I am going hunting 

Friday, December 22, 2023

If you are coming to ABEOKUTA this yuletide, don't forget to visit AJE NLA for fortification

If you are coming to ABEOKUTA this yuletide, don't forget to visit AJE NLA for fortification

If you are coming to ABEOKUTA this yuletide, don't forget to visit AJE NLA for fortification 

I know a lot of people are out there that wanted to use this yuletide season to visit me because they already planned to visit ABEOKUTA.

This is just a reminder, get fortified and protected before going back to your place of work, do IFA consultation to know what lies ahead and what is wrong somewhere in your Life .

Everyone is preparing for the new year , I am not left behind as well as I have started doing some cleansing , fasting, fortification and to prepare myself for next year.

I know you too are preparing..

Just a reminder though...
AJE fun fun

AJE fun fun

AJE fun fun

People who want wealth by all means but don't want to do ritual are now searching the internet for AJE funfun .

Well, AJE is white and not black.

If you feed AJE , it would work for you big time and it doesn't have taboos or some sort .

It works small small , gradually till ot reaches its peak.

AJE is an orisa of wealth and prosperity. It doesn't have a taboo or limitations.

Be careful of who you meet for AJE rituals or else they would do money rituals for you without you knowing.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Sunday, December 17, 2023

Connect with AJE NLA on all platforms

Connect with AJE NLA on all platforms

Connect with AJE NLA on all platforms

I know there would be a thousand or million people out there changing their name to AJE NLA all because they want to dupe people.

Nothing to worry at all

You can add AJE NLA and contact AJE NLA on all platforms

Phone number to contact AJE NLA is +2347031178647

That MTN is still my WhatsApp number

Add AJE NLA on Facebook -- Odewole Olusegun Aje Nla

Add AJE NLA on Twitter @Aje_nla


And if you love to Make a donation to AJE NLA,

GT Bank
Account Name- Odewole Olusegun
Sort code: 058203325

You can make a donation and support us on this ORISA blog