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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The hidden Power for each egbe orun - Your Power as an egbe orun Member

The hidden Power for each egbe orun - Your Power as an egbe orun Member

The hidden Power for each egbe orun - Your Power as an egbe orun Member

Yes,you have some kind of power as an active member of egbe Orun.

Do you know that you can actually looked into someone's mind and see what they are thinking?

If someone is trying hard to get or do you evil, you can actually summon your egbe orun to deal with that person.

So I have a friend of mine whose husband has decided to Mal treat her, so I advice her why don't you summon your egbe orun and torment this guy.

She asked can we do this?

I said yes. We can do all sort of things just that we don't want to expose people to the power aspect of it because of the bad / evil nature of so many people.

I told her,you can tell your egbe orun to go and stole all his money.

He would just notice that money is always missing and he would cry and cry and start going from one babalawo to another. 

Lol , what a great torment it would be.

I know, I once dated a girl back in school that does that to me too. Anytime we had a quarrel she would summon her egbe orun to come and stole all my money .

I once teach a student and because I beat him, I couldn't sleep at night. He gathered all his egbe orun to come and beat me. Can you imagine?

But they can't do that now, it them try am. They would grow tail.

I had one stories of one pastor that went to do egbe orun initiation for someone at the river bank, but the egbe orun beat the hell out of the Pastor for not saluting the egbe orun.

The pastor was begging for mercy and was brought to us where we have to do some sacrifice for the egbe orun to calm down and desist from beating the pastor .


Whew, egbe orun is not just an egbe.

It's a a power making machine for those who know the rules and laws guiding it.

The power aspect of it, we don't expose it and many of you don't know.

What has you done for your egbe orun?

What has you done for your egbe orun?

What has you done for your egbe orun?

Many people have this mind that they want to ask their egbe orun some questions.

Why is my life like this and that?

They want to use egbe orun power for some reasons that they think it's normal .

Anytime I see such people, I laugh and ask them this question.

What has you done for your egbe orun?

What impact have you made?

They are always confused and ask me, do they have to make any impact?

Egbe Orun is a community on its own and each member has a role to play.

The more active you are in your egbe orun, the more your egbe orun do something for you.

It's a do me I do you thing.

Monday, January 22, 2024

Egbe Orun initiation Pot - Truth and Lies

Egbe Orun initiation Pot - Truth and Lies

Egbe Orun initiation Pot - Truth and Lies

I want to break another table today, well I need to break as many table as possible till the right thing is done. If you miss any of my post, you can always visit my blog (ORISA blog www. ORISA. Com .ng) for all inspiration and truth about IFA , Yoruba religion and many more from my journey in the spiritual realm and my interactions with other ORISA. I am OLUWO AJE NLA.

As much as I love to help people, I have to set my rules and standard for those who will meet the standard, those are the ones I might attend to.

I know you would have a million questions like why am I proud like this? But it's not what you think at all, if you are very close to OLOKUN then you would understand that he doesn't take shit from anyone, even if you are feeding OLOKUN and you do a slight mistake, you are just wasting your time because I know he would no accept it because of his very high standards of operation.

So it's not pride that I set some rules, I take after some ORISA .

Many people have come for one or two things on this topic both in Nigeria and diaspora and I have to say it as it is.

Many people have done their egbe orun initiation, even pay weekly money for their egbe orun to be fed but never have a glimpse of what their egbe orun look like, so they always come to me for solution and I always decline their request, I always turn them down by saying, go back to those who do your egbe orun initiation for you and tell them to link you up so that you can see your egbe orun.

Why am I like that? You paid them for the Job and they haven't finished the job they are paid to do yet they know how to collect money for feeding of egbe Orun weekly or monthly .

If I didn't do the INITIATION for you, I don't have the energy to waste on you. My Authority as the OLUWO is strictly for my disciple and those who are ready.

Many people has been made to believe that after egbe orun initiation, you need to have your egbe orun pot. Is it mandatory?

No it is not Mandatory.

You don't need egbe orun pot after initiation and if you don't want it, there is no crime on it.

However, if you are the leader of your egbe orun, it is very imperative that you have the egbe orun pot in your house so as to communicate with your egbe orun anytime and any day.

That means all of you who has been having egbe orun pot are just having it for having sake, it is not compulsory .  If you want to have it, it is your choice but it is important for all leader of any egbe orun to have their egbe orun pot with him/her wherever he/she stays.

Egbe Orun pot symbolizes the ORISA of the egbe orun, it symbolizes power and control , that is why each leader of the egbe orun must have it in their house.

Having egbe orun pot as a leader would make other members of your egbe orun who are not yet born to always be in your house, they host parties and invite other egbe orun and ORISA to your house to discuss some important issues before they bring it to meetings at night.

But you have lost that right as a leader of egbe Orun, you think you can't do it when you are born to do it.

Communication with your egbe orun is not as difficult has it seems, just do it as it comes to your mind. Your egbe orun would not penalized you on it but rather give you insight on how to do it better.

And as you are doing it, your eyes would begin to open to see your egbe orun Live without any stress or doing anything. It's just one of those secrets nobody would tell you.

Many leaders are neglecting their roles as a leader and then says they are not seeing their egbe orun or feeling their presence etc.

How could you when you have given your responsibility to someone else to do for you.

You think your egbe orun are interested in the food you give them ?

They need your presence, they need you to participate.

As a member of egbe Orun, all you need is to create an alter for your egbe orun. Something sacred to you and you only.

You go to the alter to pray and egbe orun members, while the egbe orun leader who has a pot would go to the pot to pray .

As you pray to your egbe orun, you can drop some cash at the alter for them to use , they can use the money to buy incense which is one of the best food egbe orun loved to eat, or they can use the money to buy fruits.

Your responsibility as an egbe orun is not what someone must do for you or what someone can do for you, it is your responsibility.

Only you can do it

Am AJE NLA  +2347031178647

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Bedtime stories at the bottom of the ocean for Omo Omi

Bedtime stories at the bottom of the ocean for Omo Omi

Bedtime stories at the bottom of the ocean for Omo Omi

I have written a small peep of what Omo Omi is all about.

You can search ORISA blog www . ORISA .com .ng for that.

Many Omo Omi don't know that they are Omo Omi. Am not here to tell you one or two things because I know if I could wrote about what I am seen during my visit to YEMOJA and OSUN and OLOKUN, many people are going to plagiarized it and write a book out of it.

All I can say is that at night, we all assemble at the feet of our mothers, yeye OSUN. She love to tell stories of her youthful life and those wonderful things she has done.

In some other days it is YEMOJA that would host is in the depth of the ocean, telling us a goood bed time story for us to learn from .

I think our fathers who used to do tail by moonlight actually got the idea from yeye OSUN and YEMOJA.

Every night, we all travelled there for another episode of tales.

Many things is happening inside water, another life and another world with a lot of other things .

It is good to be Omo Omi and majority of those who wrote or talk about Omo Omi are not Omo Omi neither have they travelled there to experience it.

Someone called me for guidance on how to explore the deep ocean as Omo Omi, she has paid a lot of money for famous people in doing initiation yet she never see see herself in the depth of the ocean and now she needed my help.

I told her, go back to those who collect money from you for initiation to link you up with OSUN and other water ORISA . So that you can attend the moonlight stories.

My knowledge is for my student, and my student are trained to be pure.

You saw the truth but you think people who are famous are more into spirituality?

Many of them use whatever means to get the title, they never merit or deserve it.

You have wasted money on fake spirituality because you love fake things, I can't help you.


You can rot with your money.

Am AJE NLA +2347031178647

Friday, January 19, 2024

Forbidden colour for Omo Omi

Forbidden colour for Omo Omi

Forbidden colour for Omo Omi 

Many Omo Omi are looking the internet for this particular article.

They wish that it could be pasted in the internet.

Well, there is a particular colour every Omo Omi must not wear.

If you wear this colour, you are covering your glory from shinning and at the same time lowering your energy thereby giving room to bad energy to enter your space in the spirit realm.

For your own good,follow a highly trained spiritualist that know way and not just someone treading books and what was written on the internet.

If you want to know more about yourself as Omo Omi, you need to contact AJE NLA 

Friday, January 12, 2024

Egbe Orun initiation pictures of a Man

Egbe Orun initiation pictures of a Man

Many people often think that Egbe Orun initiation is only for woman . 

Well this picture said otherwise.

Having high energy of Egbe is not limited to female alone. 

Here are some pictures of a wonderful male Elegbe.

Note: I got this picture from Twitter as the source. 
The snake that never died - Eleriko are snake that have lived a thousand years

The snake that never died - Eleriko are snake that have lived a thousand years

The snake that never died - Eleriko are snake that have lived a thousand years

Have you heard about the story of ancient snakes that could live for thousands of years.?

Those stories or legends are not myth, they are real. The fact that they are passed down from generations to generations orally and there is no prove of their existence doesn't mean they are fabricated stories or made up.

I know people would say where am I getting this stories, I must commend the effort of this people IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, egbe Orun in their thousands which I have visited and explore, egbe imole, egbe Ogun, awon ela, awon eda ATI gbo gbo egbe in the universe and multiverse. I would not forget the role of OBATALA, ORUNMILA, OLOKUN, OSUN, YEMOJA, OLOSA, LUKOSI, AGEMO, SANGO, OYA, ESU, ORISA IBEJI...This are just few I could remember as at this time of writing this article.

The above names or individual or groups are my mentor,teacher,guides and they are the ones behind my stories and write up.

I have been able to meet a lot of people but most importantly ERINLE, a direct descendants of ERINLE just as I am the direct descendants of OBATALA. Which make be believe more in myself that we are not alone and there are people out there who travel in this spirit .

Back to my article .. This are the source of my article and I must give them their credit for their relentless effort on me

What you don't know is that snakes don't die.

A snake has a lot of stages when it comes to growth. A snake can live up to a thousand years if giving the permission and it also depends on the specie of the snake involve, the spiritual growth of the snake .

I used to tell people, snake is not a bad thing at all. Many of you have been to churches and they told you that you have a snake spirit, and so what exactly? Why are you feeling sad because someone call you a snake?

Was it not OLODUMARE that created all things? If OLODUMARE doesn't want snake to exist he)/she would have terminate their existence, the same goes for imaginary Satan in Christian books and Islam . Why can't their biblical supreme being kill Satan and end the suffering of its devotee?

There are more than a million species of snakes and they are yet to be discovered by man and they can't discovered it all before the end of time. Those in the spirit realm only show you things when you are ready for it and only when they decide to show you or what they decide to show you.

Am not going to lie to you, I have my own snake and it's more than a thousand snakes when we want to count the snakes given to me from various groups according to my reward cos I earn them with hard labour .

Being also a direct grandson of AGBODERE, my family ORISA. The great hunter who turned to snake . The story of AGBODERE was one of the first article I wrote on this blog you can search and read.

AGBODERE has been with me since I started this journey and he has link me up with millions of snakes, infact this article is not enough to talk on AGBODERE and his effort on me.

I once hate snake before but now I see them as family, it dare not bite me and he won't because I myself am a snake, having more than a thousand snake as Spiritual pets .

So I want to ask again,what is the big deal in being a snake? What is wrong in being a snake?

Eleriko are snakes, take it or leave it.

After spending a fruitful years of good service to OLODUMARE and the ORISA, the snake is giving permission to transform and come to land , to be born as human being .

This is the story of the egbe orun group called Eleriko.

They are snakes, natural snakes who work tirelessly to be granted the permission to transform into human and be born a human.

Eleriko are water snakes, the live inside water.

Why would you allow a weak and low soul to tell you that you are a demon?

Snake is far more important in everyone's  life .

You can't do without snake, if you want to grow Spiritually you need a snake .

Go and read books of the ancients, you would see a lot of snake symbol up and down. Now ask yourself , why snake?

I wrote am article about the white garment church, do you know it was founded by a snake?

The name of the snake that founded the white garment church is OSUMARE. A snake that live in the seventh heaven, half snake - Half human.

You can read about 777, seventh heaven on

Oh my God, I still have a lot to say but I would out a stop here.

I am OLUWO AJE NLA +2347031178647. For spiritual growth and guidance, consultation whatever.

I am here to bring spirituality to people . We need to be a spiritual traveller. We are born to do that, to explore the universe.

People think or thought you have to be an Ogboni to travel the universe in the spirit but it is not so.

Some people thought that Ogboni are people with the highest level of knowledge in the universe but it is not .

You don't need any cult to fulfill your destiny, to travel the spiritual realm.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Other taboos you need to watch out for as Omo Omi

Other taboos you need to watch out for as Omo Omi

Other taboos you need to watch out for as Omo Omi

I have written quiet a number of article on Omo Omi, egbe orun etc.

I said in those article that Omo Omi should try and stop eating draw soup or draw food like okro, ewedu etc.

This draw food reduce your spiritual strength in the spiritual realm,it would make you weak and any attack on you in the spiritual realm will hit you harder than you think because you would be Spiritually weak to defend yourself.

In addition to not eating draw food, you need to run away from eating snakes and catfish.

This are ladies favourite food. Some lady cannot do without eating catfish pepper soup.

Please do a findings on who you are and stop eating your taboo so that life would not be hard for you .
Eleriko Taboos

Eleriko Taboos

Eleriko Taboos

If you are an Eleriko I guess you should know that you are snake related and you will be having a lot of dreams about snake, seeing snake in your dream,being scared of snakes, seeing snake most time etc.

In fact you are a snake in human flesh. This is the meaning of Eleriko.

If you are an Eleriko, you should try and avoid Onions . Eating Onions is your TABOO.

Some of you would have this feeling that you don't like Onions, yes it is one of those taboo of Eleriko.

I am AJE NLA, I think I have done something to help you out if you are always feeling like asking yourself this question of why don't you like Onions .

Thursday, January 4, 2024

Key ingredients in Eru Egbe Orun / Egbe Orun didi

Key ingredients in Eru Egbe Orun / Egbe Orun didi

Key ingredients in Eru Egbe Orun / Egbe Orun didi

Have seen many people claimed they have done eru egbe orun or egbe orun didi times without number and they still can't communicate with their egbe Orun.

Egbe Orun didi is not all about the fruits presented by the alfa, imaam, pastor and few others that claimed to be doing egbe orun initiation or egbe orun didi or eru egbe orun.

Each egbe orun has their unique item or unique ingredients that make them different and if that unique item is not included in the Eru Egbe Orun or egbe orun didi, they would accept the fruits and postponed your spiritual initiation.

If you do your eru egbe orun without including their key ingredients, what you do is just like Sara so that they would give you more time to look for money and do the right thing .

This is why many people have done eru egbe orun times without number and it is still the Same
The evil the church has done to you and your Egbe Orun

The evil the church has done to you and your Egbe Orun

The evil the church has done to you and your Egbe Orun 

The moment the church see someone with a talent or extra ordinary spirit, they always find a way to convinced them that those spirit following them are bad.

They would lure you and tell you that you are possessed and you need deliverance.

That is their hand work.

Have seen many spirit and have live a million years with them,I don't think they are bad in Amy way.

Unknown for you, those church deliverance would bring separation to you and those who are supposed to be your helper .

The church would lock you up for days in the same of doing deliverance for you, some church would use broom to beat the hell out of you.

For what exactly? They claim that you have evil spirit or Spiritual husband or some sort of things .

The truth is that you don't have any evil spirit , neither do you have any spiritual husband somewhere.

All what they are seeing are your egbe orun, it is not all egbe orun that wear white , many be your egbe orun are not wearing white as supposed to being a good spirit .

Because your egbe orun are not wearing white, your pastor would claimed that they are evil spirits.

Please if your church as done something like this for you while you are growing up, they have chased away those people and spirit who are supposed to help your life and make life easy for you.

You may think at that time that the church are doing you a favor but they are not .

While I was preparing for this article, my wife laugh and told me her bad experience in the hand of Pastors and how she has been beating many times with broom , stick and all sort of things in the name of casting out demon.

Some pastor even claim that she has Spiritual husband... Lol.

Train your child and enlightened your self so that your child would not fall victim 

AJE NLA +2347031178647

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Why can't I talk to my egbe orun ?

Why can't I talk to my egbe orun ?

Why can't I talk to my egbe orun ?

You can speak and talk to you egbe orun once you have done what you are supposed to do.

If you haven't done what you are supposed to do, you will only be hearing them speak with you and you won't be able to reply .

If you want to be able to communicate with your egbe orun,you need a spiritual guidance on it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Difference between Eleriko and OSUN

Difference between Eleriko and OSUN

Difference between Eleriko and OSUN

I have seen many people on the internet trying to link this two together which is bad.

They try to draw snake on Orisa OSUN shrine and groove which is a taboo for any person to do.

Have watched some Internet video where am OSUN devotees turned snake or do whatever just to get client .

Am here to tell you that such video are scam.

OSUN is a ORISA of love, fertility, abundance, transformation etc. While eleriko is an egbe orun that has to do with water.

Eleriko are creatures that live inside water, eleriko Are snake or snake like creature living inside water .

In short Eleriko are water snakes, most of the members of this Egbe Orun Eleriko are woman.

In their real life, they don't like snakes or want to see snake. It's not as if they are fighting with snakes but anytime they see snake, it remind them if who they are, anytime they see snake they might snap into the realm and they are afraid they might not come back.

ORISA OSUN is a woman who can take any form eg the form of YEMOJA, fish or anything water. She is far superior than Eleriko. Eleriko is just a group of creatures who look like snakes and they lived inside water .

OSUN might be the grand Matron of Eleriko, she might be a guiding light teaching them what to do because all ORISA are the grand patron of each egbe orun or group. In order word, OSUN might be the ORISA who Eleriko worship and feed in their group or not .

OSUN is an ORISA while Eleriko is an egbe orun.

OSUN is like 1 Trillions more powerful than Eleriko Power, OSUN has been in existence since the world was Created.

So stop linking OSUN with snakes or Eleriko.

Sunday, December 31, 2023

What does my egbe orun want?

What does my egbe orun want?

What does my egbe orun want?

Your egbe Orun doesn't want anything more than you being part of them once again and be active like you are before coming to earth.

We think and we visit a lot of places and people looking for answers from people who don't know anything happening in egbe Orun.

Egbe Orun are your family and you must embrace them while you are still living .

Why is my egbe orun disturbing me?

Why is my egbe orun disturbing me?

Why is my egbe orun disturbing me?

They are disturbing you because you broke the promise you made with them when you are still in heaven before coming to earth .

According to spiritual law, we should not made a promise we wouldn't be able to keep.

Many of us don't even remember we make a promise and here we are struggling with Life.

Until me make amendment and do the right thing, they would not stop disturbing us.

Respect your egbe orun.
Testimony on AJE NLA recipe to see your Egbe Orun

Testimony on AJE NLA recipe to see your Egbe Orun

Testimony on AJE NLA recipe to see your Egbe Orun

So many people have contacted me on how to see their egbe orun even though they have not done their egbe Orun initiation.

Have always given out Spiritual work and tips on how to see them just for a day to confirm that you belong to one egbe orun or the other

Few people who used this work day don't don't see  anything and I get it. They are expecting to see themselves in white gown or BLA BLA BLA

It is not that the spiritual work didn't work, it's just that what they see is not what they expect .

These are few things that you might see or experience after using the spiritual work to see the egbe orun

1. You might see yourself wearing whites

2. You might see yourself amidst of people wearing white

3.You might see animals entering trees , the tree can be anything. Different egbe orun had their location for meetings, so a tree is not an exception.

4.You might see yourself playing with children

5.You might dream of having a visitor or group of visitors .

6.You might dream of collecting a contract or someone want to give you a contract .

7. You might see trees , around the tree or playing near a tree

8. You might see a bird flying or see yourself as a bird

These are the few dream you can have when you do the egbe orun spiritual work from AJE NLA +2347031178647

I have improved and work on the recipe to make sure that you see some thing .

Some people's dream are block, even if you give them spiritual work they won't see anything. This is the reason why I OLUWO AJE NLA have worked and improved the recipe .

If you want to see your egbe orun or do your egbe orun initiation, you can contact me OLUWO AJE NLA on WhatsApp +2347031178647

In the picture is a testimony from someone I gave the recipe to.

If you have done your Egbe Orun initiation and you didn't see your egbe orun, you might have to contact those who did it for you .

I don't put my hands in nothing I knew nothing about .

I don't interfere in another man's business .

Just my rule .

Can egbe orun Be done in my absence?

Can egbe orun Be done in my absence?

Can egbe orun Be done in my absence?

IFA is advancing as the world is advancing.


They can do your egbe orun outer initiation for you in your absence.

If you are in a far place like abroad, there is a way they would do it for you and you would feel it, see your egbe orun and be allowed back inside your egbe orun.

IFA has giving us permission to do this because IFA could understand that some people are far away from home, some people just found out who they are, some people just develop interest in IFA .

Yes ,your egbe orun can be done in your absence.

In as much as they can consult IFA for you in your absence, what is egbe orun that can't be done in your absence.

Note that Egbe Orun is different from IFA initiation, to do IFA initiation you have to be there because it involve some rituals which my mouth can't talk about.

Am OLUWO AJE NLA +2347031178647  I can consult and find out which egbe orun you belong to and I can as well do your egbe orun initiation for you, after your egbe orun initiation I would guide you on how to grow Spiritually with your new found family and egbe orun.


Friday, December 22, 2023

Egbe Bibo

Egbe Bibo

Egbe Bibo

Everyone has their way of doing things and we can't say anything bad about it, if it's working for them why should we say otherwise about it?

Some people have Orisa egbe ,they believe you have to feed it yearly to appeal your egbe orun.

Once they do your egbe orun for you,they created orisa egbe for you and you will be responsible for feeding it yearly and Incase you are far away, you can be sending the money to take care of your orisa egbe for you.

This is some people's way of doing things.

I AJE NLA would say otherwise .

Now let's roll with AJE NLA

Once you do your egbe orun initiation, you really don't have much do to on the physical anymore .

Your attention should be on the spiritual aspect of your Life .

In the spiritual, you will see your egbe orun.

Each egbe orun has their Patron ORISA which they have their shrine in their egbe .

Once you have done your egbe orun initiation, whatever is needed are done in the spiritual.

The only thing you can do is to have a small altar in your room where you can be dropping some cash for your egbe orun.

In egbe orun, we used to have parties every months or everyday or every two months interval depending on the leader and the egbe orun.

In the egbe orun,there would be enough orisa for you as a member .

This is the natural and olden ways of doing it.

Having orisa egbe and someone feeding it make me ask if they are in the same egbe orun as you or  may be they followed you there and know because egbe orun are secretive, they don't share anything about their egbe with a non member..

Everyone knows how they do their thing .
If you eat forbidden things as Omo Omi, this is what will happen

If you eat forbidden things as Omo Omi, this is what will happen

If you eat forbidden things as Omo Omi, this is what will happen


If you are Omo Omi are you are not supposed to eat some food items and you went ahead to eat it, what will happen.

You will be suspended in your egbe orun for a month or a year depending on the leader of the egbe orun.

You will loose some spiritual power and you will be weak, vulnerable to some evil forces because you have eaten the taboo.

You might not have any man to marry you or call you because they would deal with you badly.

If this continues, they might chase you out of the egbe orun for not taking it seriously and when you want to redo your initiation,they would request for a Cow which is an act of punishment.

You don't want to disobey the rules of egbe Orun and Omo Omi.

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Does Egbe Orun initiation expires ?

Does Egbe Orun initiation expires ?

Does Egbe Orun initiation expires ?

I have heard some people especially those who are believers of other faith that is not Yoruba religion tell their followers that Egbe Orun initiation expires after two years and it has to be redone.

I want to clear the fact on this .

Egbe Orun initiation does not expire, there is nothing like expiration to egbe orun.

It is just like saying that your IFA initiation would expire after some time or year.

That is why I have always explained that if you correct egbe orun initiation,there is no expiration to it unless what they do for you is appeasement which is to buy you some time like a year or two till you have the right money to do the legit egbe orun initiation.

Am AJE NLA, I bring you nothing but the truth.

Even if you come to me for consultation, you have the power to make decisions where you want to do what IFA tells you to do.