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Friday, April 12, 2024

OLOKUN breaks all convenant, rituals and Spells

OLOKUN breaks all convenant, rituals and Spells

OLOKUN breaks all convenant, rituals and Spells

You are still looking for what OLOKUN can do?

OLOKUN is not a noise maker and his devotee are always disciplined.

Like I said, OLOKUN doesn't like cults and cult groups and if you found yourself in any cults bounded by convenant such that you don't know what to do or where to go.

Look no further, OLOKUN is the right ORISA for your suffering.

OLOKUN is the father of secrets, he knows the secrets of everything, he knows the spells, rituals , and recipes which that cult uses to make the convenant that bounded you with them.

Since OLOKUN knows all the secrets, he (OLOKUN) knows the secret to breaks all convenant. Either bloody convenant, human convenant, animal convenant , family convenant, relationship convenant and all sort of convenant.

You can't break any convenant without OLOKUN

The son of OBATALA 
You can't be an OLOKUN devotee and also join cult

You can't be an OLOKUN devotee and also join cult

You can't be an OLOKUN devotee and also join cult 

What is a cult and what are they doing there?

A cult is a secret society or group who thinks they are keeping a secrets.

That secrets get OLOKUN angry because the cult are not keeping any secrets from the father of secrets himself (OLOKUN).

OLOKUN is in charge of keeping all the secrets of the world so why would a devotee of such a magnanimous and a mighty ORISA needed another secrets? When the devotee can speak with OLOKUN to showed them the secrets.

It is a taboo for OLOKUN devotee to join any cults and that is why have been emphasizing that a cult or secret group can't offer you anything Worthy of anything.

A cult group would forced their members to do some shits they wouldn't do naturally on a norms but the members don't have a choice.

That is why OLOKUN doesn't want his devotee to stain themselves by joining a cult .

If anyone thinks he is hiding anything, he(any man) is hiding nothing because OLOKUN sees everything and he knows every secrets.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

There can't be creation without OLOKUN

There can't be creation without OLOKUN

There can't be creation without OLOKUN 

Yes you heard me right. Nothing would have been created without OLOKUN .

OLOKUN was not the father of creation and he is not taking glory for what he doesn't do but his contribution to creation cannot be underestimated or swept under the carpet.

The world as we know it contains water, up till this moment water contributed between 70-85% of everything in the universe.

Our body is majorly fluid (fluid is water), the sky is water, below the ground is water. We drank water, eat food prepared with water. Our blood is water, urine is water, feces is water, eyes is water, brain contains fluids(water).

Tell me anything that doesn't have water in it? 

I wasn't there during creation but having OLOKUN as my Godfather make it possible for me to know all secrets and have been dashing them out like never.

When the world was created, everything was Water.

All the ORISA had a conference meeting with OLODUMARE and they suggest that creation of humans is imminent.

The ÒRÌSÀ in their troops have to delegate someone (another ORISA) to go and speak with OLOKUN at the depth of the mighty ocean to ask for his(OLOKUN) permission.

It was after OLOKUN gave them (other ORISA) his permission that OLODUMARE sent Odùduwà.

If you are a bible lover then you need to acknowledge that OLOKUN give the finnest clay which is used to mould you.

If you are not a fan of the bible then you need to understand that OLOKUN moved sand from the dept of the ocean to the surface of the ocean and turn it to a dry land for humans to inhabit.

Today part of the world are sinking back into the ocean, the ocean is gradually reclaiming what was rightfully theirs, political leaders and rascals have no clue.  

Everyone is shouting global warming, what is warming about the globe? The world is shrinking back to water .

As you have read from above and from many of my articles, you would understand that OLOKUN is a major force in the universe.

OLOKUN keeps so much secrets that he is the father of secrets .

There is no much articles and post about OLOKUN and that is because OLOKUN keeps his secrets very well and he(OLOKUN) doesn't want it to be found or have a bad imagine.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, April 11, 2024

OLOKUN keeps the portal of other realms not ESU

OLOKUN keeps the portal of other realms not ESU

OLOKUN keeps the portal of other realms not ESU

Without OLOKUN there is no spiritual experience whatsoever because OLOKUN keeps the portal of all the realms .

ESU devotee thought ESU has the portal to all the world (Spiritual realm) because he is the one that carries sacrifice up and down.  HELL NO...

OLOKUN is the Father of secrets, he hides all the secrets of the world. The secrets of the world is in the hands of OLOKUN.

OLOKUN is venerated every Thursday and that is why he make sure that portals to all realms are opened on Thursday. Giving people some grace on Thursday.

If you don't forget, in the olden days. Yoruba people buried their dead on Thursdays, it is believed that our lost one (dead people) always visit their families every Thursdays.

Infact Sara for the lost ones (dead people ) are always done on Thursday except for some important reasons .

EGBE orun initiation is also done on Thursdays, if you can't afford doing egbe orun initiation, you can do egbe orun mantra or do some stuff to invite your Egbe Orun to you , so that your egbe orun can visit you on Thursday.

Egbe Orun visit their members who has not done their Initiation every Thursday when OLOKUN opens the portal of all the realms but people don't remember their dreams .

Without OLOKUN there is no dream. No one would dream and have any dream whatsoever without OLOKUN. He make sure you sleep and have a good dream. Except for those who have one spiritual battle or the other, except for those who has done rituals that doesn't allow them to sleep.

Every OLOKUN devotee have visions and they have a cleared insight because OLOKUN would give them all they needed to survive .

No wonders Pastors and prophets all went to do OLOKUN Initiation secretly because they wanted to see people's problem and at the same time be protected.

During IFA initiation, the babalawo carries OLOKUN sacrifices so that OLOKUN would register the Initiate and also give the IFA initiate his key to travel into the spiritual realm. Except your IFA INITIATION is fake, only if you do fake IFA INITIATION that you won't have a dream of traveling in the  spirit realm.

You can't consult IFA without paying homage to OLOKUN, IFA OLOKUN is always said by the babalawo.

Agree or not, OLOKUN is an IRUNMOLE.

He was among the first ORISA created by OBATALA the father of creation.

We can't do without OLOKUN, the world was only water, OLOKUN gave us sand from the depth of the ocean to create Land.

That is why when you dig up the ground, you would come in contact with water. Water is everywhere and it is because of OLOKUN that we have land .

The son of OBATALA

No mortal can kill an OLOKUN devotee

No mortal can kill an OLOKUN devotee

No mortal can kill an OLOKUN devotee

OLOKUN is the ORISA for the ocean and he is more than that .

There are so many worlds unknown to mankind yet created by the father of creation OBATALA.

OLOKUN is the one protecting all those worlds making them unknown to mankind .

He is in charge of protection and that is why anyone that need protection are always advised to go to him (OLOKUN).

OLOKUN is a very strict and Powerful ORISA that doesn't take nonsense.

Every politicians, ỌBA pay homage to him because he is one of the IRUNMOLE. The first set of ORISA created. First class ORISA.

OLOKUN believed prevention is better than cure and that is why he (OLOKUN) shows you vision, let you know what is going to happen in the next minutes of any thing.

No man can poison OLOKUN devotee because OLOKUN would showed the devotee who wants to kill him and which methods they are planning to use to kill his devotee.

After the devotee has been shown who is trying to kill him (devotee), it is left for the devotee to take the right step so as not to fall into their trap.

If Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee, OLOKUN would have showed him what would happen before it happened.

OLOKUN would showed him if it's natural or someone is behind it .

Even if Junior Pope refused to listen to OLOKUN, OLOKUN would still make sure he survived one way or the other.

Many ORISA devotee don't know much about OLOKUN or what OLOKUN is capable of doing and that is because OLOKUN hides everything about himself from everyone.

The son of OBATALA
Water is no man's enemy

Water is no man's enemy

Water is no man's enemy

Because of what happened to an actor Junior Pope, we shouldn't think that water is evil 

Your body is made up of water .

The earth is majorly water .

Water is no anyone's enemy.

We all need to learn the ways of water and embrace it for the betterment of ourselves and that of our children .

Water is Life without which no man would live.

Go and do your OSUN Initiation, YEMOJA Initiation, OLOKUN Initiation and be saved from the troubles of water .

Does it mean the dead of Junior Pope would stop people from going to the beach? NO . CAPITAL NO.

MANY of us are from water (OMO OMI) and we failed to pay tributes to water for guidance and protection.

Respect the Mighty Water.

The son of OBATALA 
If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee

If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee

If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotees 

If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee then he wouldn't have died a painful death as such, drowning inside the mighty Niger River, begging for his dear Life.

OLOKUN still remain the Father of the ocean as far as water is concern.

Till today our tradition is a taboo and evil in the eyes of many people where as tradition has the key to unlock that which is locked within and without.

If Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee, he would be at the bottom of the mighty ocean eating and dinning with OLOKUN after the boat capsized.

He would have been with OLOKUN for days or few hours till the media and everything cools down.

Of course Junior Pope wouldn't die if he was an OLOKUN devotee.he would remained untouchable and probably found himself at the shore.

I bet Junior Pope was busy shouting Jesus when the boat capsized when he should have SAID OLOKUN.

As disciplined as OLOKUN is, he is merciful and have a great loved for humanity. OLOKUN would have saved him if only Junior Pope called his name after the boat capsized while begging for his dear Life.

Let us start teaching our children the ways of the water.

Let us know some names of some ORISA that has to do with water just Incase of bad days like this.

Jesus doesn't have Power over water even though he was powered by IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, Jesus doesn't trespass.

You can't show me where Jesus was preaching to YEMOJA or OSUN inside the bible.

Bros J just waka, waka Jejely on water to boost his ego.

Let us know the mighty name of OLOKUN, OSUN, YEMOJA, AGIRA, OLOSA, and many ORISA that has to do with water.

OLOKUN the mighty ORISA that doesn't play with his children .

Of course am an OLOKUN devotee.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA