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Saturday, January 6, 2024

The role of the ORISA in our life

The role of the ORISA in our life

The role of the ORISA in our life

The role of the gods is to aid Ori in leading every person to his destiny in life. 

Whatever a man's Ori has refused to approve cannot be granted by any other god.

The gods themselves have their own Ori directing their daily life. 

Like human beings, the gods know the wishes of their Ori by consulting lfa.

 Orunmila himself consulted his lfa
divination instruments in order to find out the wishes of his Ori.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Ancient ways of taking care of your shrine and ORISA

Ancient ways of taking care of your shrine and ORISA

Ancient ways of taking care of your shrine and ORISA 

The world is backwards now and everything seems good when it's not actually ok.

This article was to correct some misconduct on the way we do our shrine and feed the orisa so that we can do the right thing and get the right result.

Anywhere you placed your ORISA has automatically turned to a temple, not just the place but the whole environment including you.

You must always make sure that the place you placed your ORISA is clean at all time .

You must make sure that you light a candle and incense in the place you put your ORISA at least once in a day .

You must make sure you don't use your ORISA for evil act

You must make sure you fast on each day that you want to feed your ORISA.

This little act of taking care of the ORISA and your temple is an ancient one, and I believe you would put it into doings.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

ORISA Bayanni

ORISA Bayanni

In Yoruba spirituality, Orisha Bayanni, also known as Dada Awuru, is a deity who is highly respected and revered by the Yoruba people. 

He is known as the elder brother who stands up for his younger siblings, symbolizing the importance of family and community.

He is believed to be the protector of the vulnerable, especially children, and is often invoked to bring justice and fairness in disputes. He is also associated with wisdom, peace, and the ability to bring people together.

His presence is said to bring stability and harmony in communities, and his followers seek to emulate his values of kindness, fairness, and justice.

Friday, December 15, 2023

EEWO ORISA (ORISA taboos and what you don't know)

EEWO ORISA (ORISA taboos and what you don't know)

EEWO ORISA (ORISA taboos and what you don't know)


Eewo is never what one can break in secrecy with the thought that one has done it with impunity. 

If nobody sees a person while committing the offence, conscience is the first law enforcement agent that will arrest the person through constant pricking. 

And if the person has no living conscience, later or sooner, the punishment will come which may not be from the hand of any mortal as seen in Ifa verse thus:

Aise-e ni n bini
Eewo lo n gbija ara re

It is abomination itself that punishes one
Revenge comes from Eewo itself.

The punishment for breaking taboo may either be terrestrial or celestial or even both.

 According to Susanne Wenger (Adunni Olorisa), “Within the framework of Yoruba culture and tradition, taboo (eewo) is a tremendously strong force against which you do not transgress as long as you are part of the culture”. 

As noticed by Kwabena Amponsah, 1974, when there is infringement of a taboo by a person, “the punishment falls on the individual or a community of which he is a member”. 

This means that the whole community can suffer “for the crime of an individual”.

Therefore, each and everybody must know what his/her Orisa taboos are and observe it. 

Some Orisa eewos...

Palm wine (emu).Dog (aja).Palm oil (epo pupa).Salt (iyo)

. Cricket (ire). Snake (ejo)

 Guinea corn (oka baba). Solanum nigrum (efo odu) . Solanum macrocarpum(efo osun) 

 Red monkey (ijimere). Making of fire in the grove.  Weeding with hoe in the grove.


 Roe-buck (eran esuro) . Yam beans (ewa sese) .Tabba mimu....

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

How do I find my orisha?

How do I find my orisha?

How do I find my orisha?

You will find and get to know your ORISA after your IFA initiation.

The ORISA of your head would be revealed only after your initiation.

Initiation into IFA involve a huge some of money and that is why many people are doing isefa instead of itefa .

Sm aje nla ..

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The ministry of each Orisa by AJE NLA

The ministry of each Orisa by AJE NLA

The ministry of each Orisa by AJE NLA 

Below are a few qualities of what each Orisa is endowed to do. Many of the Orisa are multi tasking. But let's give it to them in Their core self who they really are. 

If you need love, you speak with OSUN

if you need children,  you speak with AGEMO,  OSUN, YEMOJA

if you need Patience,  you speak with OBATALA 

if you need happiness, you speak with OSUN

if you need wisdom, you speak with ORUNMILA 

If you need peace, you speak with OYA

If you need protection , you speak with OLOKUN 

If you need wealth, you speak with AJE 

If you need victory, you speak with SANGO 

If you need success, you speak with ELA

If you need twins, you speak with Orisa IBEJI

if you need assurance, you speak with ESU 

If you need purity, you speak with OBATALA 

If you need healing you speak with Sanponna,  Osanyin

If you want to hunt, you speak with Osoosi

If you want to farm, you speak with Orisa OKO

If you want to sing meloduously, you speak with YEMOJA 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

"Unlocking the Power of Orisa: A Holistic Approach for Lasting Solutions"

"Unlocking the Power of Orisa: A Holistic Approach for Lasting Solutions"

Feeding Orisa can be costly, but it's the most effective approach. Unlike other Babalawos, I won't advise elaborate spiritual rituals or concoctions. After consulting IFA, I guide you on which Orisa to feed for a solution.

Feeding Orisa is pricier than spiritual work, but it's highly efficient. By doing so, you become a part of their family, receiving continuous support. This is more enduring than conventional spiritual work, prone to disruption by personal choices.

While some struggle due to improper guidance or repetition, following IFA's recommendation ensures success. ESU, for instance, might be suggested, and if properly fed, won't be recommended again by IFA.

Feeding involves secret rituals and public ceremonies, customized based on your needs and celestial alignments. It's not rushed; we consult IFA to pick a suitable day, emphasizing purity of heart, resolving conflicts, and sometimes fasting.

The Babalawo, a crucial factor, also maintains purity. Feeding ESU may cost around 50k to 70k, depending on circumstances.

 Those who've fed Orisa experience gradual problem resolution within 2-3 months, with the Orisa's protection lasting 3-5 years, provided one remains pure and trouble-free. Spiritual work might seem like a cheaper alternative, but it often proves ineffective in addressing issues.

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Difference between angels and Orisa

Difference between angels and Orisa

Difference between angels and Orisa 

Angels are not in the same category as Orisa. Angels are English, the same angel is called malaika in Muslim religion and the same angel is called AJNONU in Yoruba religion. 

Their work is to serve as helper, carried your issue and problem to the Orisa involved who will later solve the problem. 

Orisa are way more superior than Angels, under each Orisa we have various angels who act and work with them. 

I remember one festivity I went to in the spiritual realm where I meet one good friend of mine, he is an angel and he gave me some spiritual work to do. 

Angels are helper, they are always around to help you out in your plea. 

There are limitations to what they can do. 
OBATALA created them to sought religion need of people and places them under Orisa to coordinate their actions  .

Stop seeing Yoruba tradition as evil, we are not evil. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

New Member of the Family to introduce to you - Erinle

New Member of the Family to introduce to you - Erinle

New Member of the Family to introduce to you - Erinle

Like the Orisa, Erinle specialises in healing, but not just the body.

She teaches and consults on the healing of self, mind and body.

You will be on the way to understanding yourself as you journey through life and how to attain your higher self and harness the best of your true nature.

You would love her when you have had a session with her.

Contact her via 08094294863 if you are in Nigeria and outside Nigeria +2348094294863

Thank you

Tuesday, November 14, 2023




The relationship between Irunmole and Omo eniyan was symbiotic in nature and rewarding especially for Omo eniyan. 

There are five major ways by which Irunmole relate effectively with Omo eniyan right from the emergence of man on earth.

 The ways include the following:

●Role models
●Benevolent givers
As Role Models

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Feeding of Orisa is not a one time thing

Feeding of Orisa is not a one time thing

Feeding Orisa is not a one time thing

Some of us are having many problems and we are told to feed Orisa for our problems to be over. 

So we thought once we feed the Orisa this one time, our problems are over. 


Feeding of Orisa is what You do monthly, yearly etc depending on the situation of things in your Life. 

For example, someone having a lots if spiritual battles might be asked to feed OGUN the Orisa for war many times in a year as a results if his/predicament while such person Also work on themselves following some spiritual laws and guidelines which will make life easier for them on the long run. 


Friday, November 3, 2023

Inviting and invoking the Host of Heaven

Inviting and invoking the Host of Heaven

Inviting and invoking the Host of Heaven 

No spiritual war have been won without money. 

If you go to Pastor, they prayed for you and then tell you to go on Fasting for who knows how many days. 

This is a long method,the war can take years for you to win. 

This is because you need to invite and invoke the host of heaven to fight for you. 

No pastor or Imam can say boldly that they have ever seen the host of heaven before,  neither can they say that they know how to invite or invoke them. 

You want to go to spiritual war without the host of heaven?  Never. 

Let's assume you invite the host of heaven,  what do you think you would feed them with?  Biscuit?  😂 

Funny people doing fake deliverance and facing their own problems at night. 😂 

You need to know how to invite the host of heaven for you to win a war, after inviting them, you need to feed them well and make them happy. 

Many would think of this as a fallacy, but it's not. 

The host of heaven are just like ORISA,  they have their headquarters and Office located somewhere. 

There Job is to fight spiritual battles for whoever invite them. 

They may choose to initiate you into being their members but this is entirely their own decision. 

The monetary aspect is that you may be require to buy materials for war, and also spend money which they would use to do spiritual work for you to prepare you for war. 

If your Pastor is inviting the host of heaven with his mouth, just laugh..  He is bluffing, nobody is coming. 

They are not an ORISA to ridicule with your words of mouth with no glory or honour in it. 

If you have been to their headquarters and see the might men of war, both big and small, with each person having their own style of war. 

They may choose to give you 10,000 armies to live with you daily. 

This is what they do, they protect their loved ones and selected few. 

I can't say more than this and don't ask me how to invoke them cos I won't tell. 

I just want you to know that they are ORISA and as such must be Feed and Honoured just like any other Orisa. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

ORISA are not IDOLS, this is who they are

ORISA are not IDOLS, this is who they are

 ORISA are not IDOLS, this is who they are

Many people are looking down on the ORISA with the names they called them.

What you don’t know is that some people are transformed into ORISA while others are created from onset of time.

ORISA are the voice of OLODUMARE, they speak to us via IFA.

Orisa are meant to be our guidance guiding is through this journey of Life.

Orisa have infinity wisdom and they are goood in every thing, what i mean is that for every purpose of each man that was created, an ORISA was assigned to each man to guide him till he dies

Man has failed to identify this and have been running away from the truth, hence OLODUMARE created some forces to punish those who failed to listen.

The teachings of the Church is backwards and it’s against the purpose why OLODUMARE gave the opportunity of church creation.

Churches and Mosques would tell you opposite of what you are to be doing, they call our ORISA an IDOL but they spent millions to bow to Stone in MECCA and ISREAL. Who is fooling who?

The religion from other places still identifies their true culture and ORISA, they forces you to pay homage to their CULTURE AND ORISA. while you think they are superior or better than yours.

Our ORISA are not evil as you have been made to believe, i can say ORISA ARE MORE SUPERIOR AND POWERFUL THAN BROS J.

We are born to face challenges of Life and ORISA are there to guide us.

Even ORISA have challenges when they were sent to earth to do their great task, they are the ones who first walked the earth,they have the knowledge.

Why are you seeing them as evil.

If OLODUMARE could open your eyes to see, even the church and mosque you think you are going, they contain more evil than what you are running away from.

We have more curches than ever, business for Pastor and Prophet. Many of them are not sent by OLODUMARE yet you see them Holy.

I cant say more than this, but if you failed to stop disrespecting our ORISA, you will never find Solutions to your Problem.


For guidance and spiritual counseling contact AJE NLA on whatsapp +2347031178647

You speak against us and ORISA IN PUBLIC, yet you are using our spiritual works like AJE to make wealth, do you want me to say that AJE WOULD NOT WORK FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO?

If you wantthe ORISA OF WEALTH to work for you, respect our ORISA.

Some people says ORISA Doesn’t have hands, its just a log of wood or a craven image, why do catholic or anglican have the image of holy marry? 

If you feel like you want to beat the hell out of an ORISA, come to my temple and come amd beat it, you will be surprised that JESUS would not rescue you.

If you don’t believe in ORISA stop tarnishing our IMAGE, stop calling is names.

Monday, October 23, 2023

After Feeding Orisa, why is there no changes?

After Feeding Orisa, why is there no changes?

 After Feeding Orisa, why is there no changes? 

Have seen many people spent thousands on Fake sacrifice and feeding of Orisa and they complain that nothing happens.

Why would something happens when you feed Orisa the wrong Way.?

Feeding of Orisa is Expensive and at the Same time take your time to do it from Babalawo who has the divine Ase and light of OLODUMARE so that anything they do for you would be granted .

So that you would not have to redo it again and again.

If you need spiritual guidance let me know, we all knew that there is no money anywhere and you need a legit spiritual work. Contact Me

Sunday, October 22, 2023

IMOLE - The spirit behind every IFA divination that allows Babalawo to see what IFA says

IMOLE - The spirit behind every IFA divination that allows Babalawo to see what IFA says

 IMOLE - The spirit behind every IFA divination that allows Babalawo to see what IFA says

Yes, that is the way it is.
If you are a babalawo and you don’t know this before, you are a learner and you need to relearn your work.

Till now nobody can explain why some Babalawo can see clearly more than the other, till now everyone thought its because Babalawo are more experienced than the other, so they think its experiences that make some Babalawo good than their counterparts.

Well, am here to tell you what you have not heard before in your entire Life.

After Orunmila initiation to become a Babalawo, each Babalawo is given an IMOLE , a guiding spirit like candle which shed light to everything the Babalawo is doing.

IMOLE are wise creation and children of IFA with ORUNMILA as their grand father.

Some Babalawo don’t recognize their presence, many Babalawo doesn’t recognize their importance, or presence and many BABALAWO doesn’t pay Homage to this wonderful spirit.

After collecting money from clients, it your duty to pay homage to them, as a Babalawo you already knows this but some of you are after the money, you want to build big houses and be known and you have refused to feed the IMOLE, you refused to pay homage to IMOLE.

Sooner than later, your IFA would mot be accurate, your IMOLE and interpretations of IFA would not be as sound as Before and gradually you loose the light.

Many Babalawo do their IFA celebrations but its not enough, as a Babalawo you need to celebrate this IMOLE.

They also help me in writing most of this articles on my website and they have been a good family since i met them after ORUNMILA gave them to me.

For a start, please light incense for them and they would tell you what next to do.

Keeping IMOLE alive is your Job.

Am AJE NLA, for knowledge about anything in this world And beyond, i would be glad to help you out.

For consultation, dream interpretations etc whatsapp me +2347031178647

Thank You.
The Orisa Called 777 and its Power in Deliverance

The Orisa Called 777 and its Power in Deliverance

 The Orisa Called 777 and its Power in Deliverance 

Yes you heard me right.

There is an ORISA CALLED 777.

He was known to few and many thinks its fake.

Many people only sing Meje Meje.

In some churches like Celestial and Cherubim, 777 is always invoke during their deliverance session.

777 is a mighty ORISA of warrior and he loves people to invoke and involve him in spiritual battles.

If you want to invoke him, you would need 7 items in seven places.

You can buy 7 candles which are all white 

Buy 7 different perfumes

Buy 7 different incense.

And you call him into the battles of your Life.

The method above is just a simple way of inviting 777 though. haven’t said the full details of how to invite 777 in the above method. 

If you want the full recipe contact AJE NLA WHATSAPP +2347031178647

We can also invoke him in ISESE WAY.

777 only works with the upright, though may churches and prophet are not pure there by loosing graps of what 777 can do.

777 represents 7 stars,7 earth, Seven heavens

Their Power is more than what i can say.

I am AJE NLA, writer of the ORISA

Friday, October 20, 2023

ELA - The Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day

ELA - The Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day

 ELA - The Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day

Anytime you see another breaking of the day, you are supposed to say ELA thank you.

Some Babalawo are used to saying ELA BORU, ELA BOYE, ELA BO SISE

Paying homage to the Orisa responsible for the breaking of the Day.

Who ever want to make it in Life must Feed this Orisa because each day has its own blessing .

Feeding this Orisa would make your day and everyday worth living.

Long Ago, they used to celebrate this Orisa in a Big Way in some part of this Country. Ijebu in ogun state is not left out, the known OJUDE OBA today known with the IJEBU people of Ogun state was formally ELA FESTIVAL.

What am saying is. OJUDE OBA was formally ELA FESTIVAL before it was changes to celebration of Foreign religion (Islam) and showing of Horses like Arabians. No Offence made to anyone and no offense taken.

ELA is a very quiet ORISA and you can’t do without her.

That is why Yoruba play with Words and ELA and say




Paying tribute to ELA , in as much as the day would break, i would surely have a break through.

ELA is here and am written this to you to know.

More about ELA coming up in next batch of articles. 

Thursday, October 19, 2023

Whoever want to travel out of Nigeria must feed this Orisa

Whoever want to travel out of Nigeria must feed this Orisa

 Whoever want to travel out of Nigeria must feed this Orisa

This country is becoming hard day by day and everyone want to escape.

Some already have the money to travel but they are always denied visa, no matter how many times they tried.

While some don’t have the money to travel and they really wish they travel.

As the Guidance of the ORISA in the spiritual world and spiritual traveler, i have come with a Big solution to your Problem.

There is this Orisa that based Majorly abroad, you can’t do without him.

You need to feed this Orisa so that it would make your way clear and also make your travel easier.

This Orisa also fights and He is a Premordial Orisa that has spend a million years before the creation of Man kind.

We would first of all make IFA Consultation to know if there are spiritual battles you sill have to fight , thr consultation would reveal who and what is behind Your traveling not possible.

We would give your spiritual work and others to do that will make you win those battles.

After which we would feed this Orisa on your behalf to make your traveling easier than ever.

In no time, you would be in abroad.

To find out about this ORISA, contact AJE NLA whatsapp +2347031178647

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Solutions to Snake bite in the dream

Solutions to Snake bite in the dream

 Solutions to Snake bite in the dream

This blog promises librations to all spiritual problems.

Knowledge is not free, we went to school to get BSc and the rest.

Even Pastors go to theology to know how to collect money from church members.

Snake is a beautiful creature and it is one of the most fearful animal in the world.

Do you know that we have an Orisa Snake in Yoruba knowledge? This Snake protect his children from vicious and bad people living in this world.

In Ancient times, snake were known for their healing properties and that is why in the medical line e.g hospitals and pharmacies, there is always snake in their sumbols. Have you ever ask why?

If you have been biten by snake in the dream and you are going from one prophet to another, this is your lucky day.

Its a very rare Orisa that the knowledge about it is lost, only few people know of its existence and am lucky to be one.

We can look at it in this way, can a bird kill a giant snake? A snake that can change form to human being, a snake that follows you around that no one dares offend you.

If you want to be its children, let me know.

If you need liberations from snake bite from the dream, let me know.

Friday, August 25, 2023




The birth of a new ORISA in the new Ongoing ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ festival in the spiritual Realm. 

He was born of all the four elements namely water, fire, earth and wind. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ introduced him to the fellow ÔRISÂ. 

BALOGUN Ina is ruthless, fierce and very dangerous to those who offend him. 

Anytime he enter the war zone, the atmosphere changes instantly. 

His enemies were seize and hold by the ground, the air sniff out the air in their throat while stopping them from disappearing, the water and blood in their body begins to boils until it exploit from inside out. 

Only those whoop he wishes to escape would be free and this is very rare has BALOGUN Ina never forgive his offenders. 

If he wanted to catch fun, he cause the rain of fire on his enemies while they run up and down for their Life. 

I only know little, I only know what they want me to know.