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Friday, May 24, 2024

How powerful is ileke IFA (IFA bead) ?

How powerful is ileke IFA (IFA bead) ?

How powerful is ileke IFA (IFA bead) ?

Everyone is talking about IFA beads here and there and some are even selling it promising that it does this and that 

Does it really does magic or work like magic?

IFA beads is more like a talismatic or enchanted beads fortified with IFA sacred verses and rituals to perform specific and special task like protection, blessings and the rest.

The question now is that, is IFA beads as powerful as people says it is?

No doubts IFA beads is powerful but it is not as powerful as you might think .

If we are to rank the power and energy in IFA beads then the beads would not contain more than 0.00003% power and energy from IFA and the Cosmo at large .

Evil doers and evil energies operates at a very low vibration and energy. More like a very low frequency and To combat such evil you may need the IFA beads for that purpose.

IFA beads block of the signals from lower realms energies, IFA beads block off lower vibration coming from lower forces which fly around during the day to harm people .

Not many of us operates at a very high level of energy or frequency.

Many of us are operating at a very lower energy than IFA beads itself .

IFA beads offer it's protection and that protection is for limited time and space . May be a time frame of three months after which the beads get lost or got misplaced or it breaks without you knowing the causes of those events .

When this happened then you should know that the IFA beads has finished it work and you need to get another one.

This are few things you can't find or see anywhere but you would heard it from the mouth of AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

I can't talk much or further .

Don't forget 

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA
The Proper way of consulting IFA by a Babalawo

The Proper way of consulting IFA by a Babalawo

The Proper way of consulting IFA by a Babalawo

My articles are not for shallow minds, probably they are not ready for the truth.

All ORISA are one and most times they loved to be heard and acknowledge by everyone.

Am not here to teach because many people want me to be saying one or two things so they can note it down or hope to learn but it is such a disappointment that my articles this days would be full of words and wisdom only for few people knowledgeable to understand.

After acknowledging IFA 
Ifa Eleri ipin
Ifa asoro dayo
Ifa this and that 

It is wiser to acknowledge the presence of other ORISA too , passing a greeting to them before proceeding to your IFA consultation.

It is good to acknowledge the presence of other forces including IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Before you start your IFA consultation.

I already know in my mind that many babalawo don't see any reason to acknowledge any other forces or ORISA except IFA .

You are doing well by doing that but if you want to excel excellently then you need to start acknowledging other forces ,ORISA and beings .

Acknowledgement of other ORISA would also make them presence during your consultation. during IFA and ORISA consultation, all opinions are welcome .

By acknowledging other ORISA you are saying their opinion is very valid and important for the success of what you are doing.

All the ORISA are not at war with each other , you might be consulting IFA and OSUN would be there to give you tips to what you are doing but if you don't acknowledge her before your IFA consultation, she would just keep mute and not say anything or she might not even come there at all.

Well, many babalawo don't know this and that is why am here to tell you what you don't know.

Remember every ORISA has an opinion and their opinions could bring a big difference to what you are doing .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Do we need much of IFA building called ile ijuba?

Do we need much of IFA building called ile ijuba?

Do we need much of IFA building called ile ijuba?

Almost every dog is backing up and down because of this new magnificent building for IFA by chief elebuibon.

Am not a fan of Chief Elebuibon or any man or woman because the son of OBATALA is a lonely man living in his own world but I think what the chief did was not an ordinary feat. He has done well by our ancestors.

If you are complaining that they used such amount of money to build ile ijuba , is it your money?

Before now our religion or spirituality has Ben silence or muted by others, our identity have been erased and our names is in between death and life.

We have churches in almost every street of this country, we have mosques in every street in this country, why can't we have Ile ijuba in every street?

Let our children walks the street and be proud of our Ile ijuba, let our children be proud of their heritage .

If you check any form in this country, when it comes to religion you would see Christianity or Islam, what happened to ISESE and why is it missing in such forms?

Only fools would not appreciate what chief elebuibon has done. 

Fools are saying we need Jobs etc, is it chief elebuibon duty to create jobs? Is he the politician that stole your mandate or promise something and didn't fulfill it?

I don't think chief elebuibon owe anyone any apologies for doing what he thought was right .

Let isese be on every street, when they are doing revival let us do our own . No one should look down on us and sideline us as if we never existed.

Others who has it in mind to create schools and universities can do that to promote IFA and all the ORISA .

On a final note , everything and every idea is all welcome .

If you have it in mind to create school for IFA , ORISA and ISESE please do it .

If you have it in mind to build Ile ijuba please do.

All forms of idea are welcome In as much as we are promoting ISESE. Why the dispute?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 
Can I use soap to wash my IFA ?

Can I use soap to wash my IFA ?

Can I use soap to wash my IFA ?

With the rise of untrained or with the rise of new generation babalawo who want to learn everything on the Internet.

With new age babalawo who couldn't finish learning but are hurry to make their first cash , to babalawo who just based on doing akose IFA soap, body IP soap and the rest of those things.

My articles are based on ancient method and nothing more .

AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again.

When you feed your IFA and you pour palm oil in your ikin IFA, when you feed your IFA and pour animal blood and the rest of other items used in feeding your IFA , how do you intend to make it super clean ?

Well the concept of this article was not to tell you how to clean your IFA neither is it about the ancient method of feeding IFA .

This article is just to answer a question which says ---- Can I used soap to wash my IFA after feeding with all materials including palm oil .

I don't know if you have made the experiment before, can ordinary water remove palm oil from materials like white ceramics and ikin IFA ?

I think I have wasted enough words on my illustration, let me go straight to the answer without any further delay or ado .

You can't use soap to wash your IFA . Be it IFA pot, IFA white ceramics , ikin IFA and other IFA items or accessories.

Why can't you use soap for IFA ?

Well ,to cut the story short. Its a taboo to do that .

To abstain from using soap to wash your IFA , it is best to do the feeding of your IFA the old and ancient way.

To learn the old and ancient ways of feeding IFA ,you need to look for old Babalawo who would teach you the old ways of IFA .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Who is more powerful between IYAAMI ELEYE and IFA?

Who is more powerful between IYAAMI ELEYE and IFA?

Who is more powerful between IYAAMI ELEYE and IFA?

I am AJE NLA the son of OBATALA, out of many secrets of the world sometimes I choose to highlight few for other people to learn .

Most Babalawo don't really know much about what they do or how power is being distributed or hierarchy of power among the ORISA and how the ORISA relate with each other .

Ifa is bridge that connects all other ORISA together , it enables the Initiate to have wisdom of all combined together .

That is why they must feed all the ORISA for you IFA during your IFA initiation. Most Babalawo don't feed all the ORISA during IFA initiation , it doesn't mean your IFA is fake but it won't be as strong as it should be .

IFA being the bridge that connects all ORISA doesn't mean IFA is the greatest ORISA or the strongest ORISA ., Nooo.

Every ORISA has their power and wisdom , the.roles of ORISA cannot be underestimated.

The world is going back to where everyone would have their own ORISA .

Comparing IFA and IYAAMI ELEYE is not to make you look somehow but to let you know some basic things about power and it's hierarchy.

IFA is wise but IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are comically wiser .

Many babalawo look down on IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO,they are your rise and they are you doom.

To show how powerful IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are,they have the power to render your IFA useless if you offend them.

If you offend IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO they would block your IFA and make your life a miserable hell and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Only OLODUMARE sent babalawo can revive anyone who have encounter with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

In all that you do, don't ever have problem with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO because they are your nemesis, they are your only ticket to surviving and they are your only hope .

Don't say because you have IFA then you start misbehaving up and down, maltreating people.

IYAAMI ELEYE are ORISA on their own even though they are created and form by ORISA OSUN , they are mighty and no man should disrespect them.

On a final note, IFA is wise and powerful and IYAAMI ELEYE are the wip that beat the hell out of anyone irrespective of your IFA status whether you are a king or babalawo. In as much as you misbehave, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO would deal with you and IFA would not say anything.

Infact your IFA would even flog you for doing that or disrespecting IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Beware of content creators who called themselves Babalawo

Beware of content creators who called themselves Babalawo

Beware of content creator who called themselves Babalawo

We have so many poverty hungered people this days and they all see babalawo work as their means of survival.

They don't have their shrine of their own but can take you to a babalawo for your spiritual work yet they have the most beautiful content trending online.

You would see them on TikTok with a lot of fans and twitter with a lot of followers, many of them are having chieftaincy here and there but na content creator them be.

They are just creator of content they are not really a babalawo.

I met a woman who said she is afraid of TikTok because of the things she sees, she said she thinks OSUN is a snake because of what the content creators used to represent OSUN on various internet.

If you are not careful at what you see on the internet, you would be lost or mislead.

Most times I don't watch anything relating to IFA , ISESE, Yoruba Traditional believes because it's all content and it doesn't have any value or spiritual significances.

80% of my articles are from my experience , most of the ORISA I talked about , have met them In one place or the other.

This is one of the reason I kick against many things that many babalawo do wrongly.

The ancient ways have been neglected, even the babalawo you knew might be doing it wrong for many years .

This is why some spiritual works and feeding of ORISA doesn't last more than few months ..

Imagine feeding ESU every four month interval, why?

That is because most Babalawo don't know . They don't know what is right and wrong anymore because it is what they learn that they are doing  and they have been doing it wrongly for years .

Now everyone believe that you must do spiritual worn that involves blood (animals or humans) before it is legit or can work perfectly.

A simple spiritual work can work wonders for a longer time at the hand of a confirm Babalawo.

I can tell you 200 ways to use allegator pepper and it's wonders but I won't.


Ifa has gone beyond how many book of account do you have, IFA has gone beyond spiritual works, IFA has gone beyond I want my ex back and those little children tricks, IFA has gone beyond having multiple chieftaincy up and down. IFA is evolving around spirituality and centres more on individual development.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Why is it difficult for a babalawo to refer to another Babalawo?

Why is it difficult for a babalawo to refer to another Babalawo?

Why is it difficult for a babalawo to refer to another Babalawo?

This article is against a lot of believe and I take OBATALA beg any one offended by this post because the truth must be told.

Wow , this question is so hard to see and nobody want to answer this question.

There are thousands of reasons why babalawo don't refer to other Babalawo and we would go deeper in this concept .

Babalawo don't like each other - One babalawo does not like another Babalawo, everyone is full of deceit and lies . You join the temple of ORUNMILA or a group of Babalawo, you would have enemy for doing so. 

Some people would become jealous of you for no reason especially if your work is legit and you are getting more clients than another . Wahala go surely bust.

They would all wish that you die so that they can come and shed crocodile tears and show fake love to your family.

There are few things you need to know about Babalawo work.

Babalawo is a calling and with each calling come discipline. Some babalawo are into fertility, if you need a child or find it difficult into getting a child , it is their Job to do that for you. They are gifted in that .

Some babalawo are only for healing, they know how to speak with SANPONNA and OSANYIN to get leaves and other things that must be used to heal anybody of any disease . It is their field.

This babalawo that based on healing are different from people who just read books and book of account they got somewhere , No.

This healing babalawo have sanponna and OSANYIN to speak with. They are direct descendants of this great ORISA for healing and they heal any sort of sickness.

We have some Babalawo who are good in teaching other Babalawo, they are good in doing Initiation and training the next set of Babalawo because it is their calling. 

We can't sideline other ORISA because we have IFA . Every ORISA have their role to play and each ORISA have their own ODU with each ODU, they can do all sort of wonders.

Babalawo is a work of calling and disciplined, babalawo of today are doing all , they are Jack of all trade such that they don't even know what they shouldn't do. They do everything in the name of money and for money .

In as much as money is involved, they do it all.

Also we have ORISA based Babalawo, just like I have explained about the babalawo that are the descendants of SANPONNA and OSANYIN, we have Babalawo who are direct descendants of OBATALA eg AJE NLA, we have babalawo who are descendants of SANGO, we have babalawo who are descendants of OSUN,and so on and so forth.

If you consult IFA and you could see that the work is not your discipline kindly refer to others whose disciplined it is.

But a babalawo would never refer to other Babalawo simply because the babalawo doesn't want to loose his client.

Why would a babalawo be afraid of loosing clients? This is where bad reputation of Babalawo comes in.

Most of my clients first of all test me and part of the test is this... Someone asked me how can I prove if am legit or not .

I replied and said - You owned your money and it is your problems, follow your mind and spend your money anywhere your mind leads you to. I don't have anything to proof and I don't know how to sweet talk .

They have confidence in me and they believe in me not just because of anything but because I would tell them the truth point black. 

Sometimes I tell them to go and do other research from other Babalawo and see how things are going.

I know my truth has no equal and I don't tie anyone to anything.

Most Babalawo have a bad reputation and they are afraid referring to another Babalawo because they would loose a clients and their source of income.

Why are you afraid ? If you are doing what you are doing in truth and love, no matter where they go they would always know the difference and would surely come back.

A friend of mine call me from Abuja and said he met one babalawo that promise this and that. I replied and told him the actual truth but I also told him to give it a trial and let's see how it goes .

I know what I dey carry for hand or head ...

Build a good reputation of trust and clients .

If you do IFA consultation and it is EGUN that shows , if you don't have EGUN kindly refer to those who have EGUN. Don't tail your clients as if the EGUN priest would steal your client .

If it is OLOKUN that shows, please take them to OLOKUN priest for solution.

Don't dabaru things because you won chop, don't turn their life journey of two years into 20years.

You need to learn to build confidence in yourself and in what you do .

I couldn't talk more .....

The son of OBATALA

If you find this article useful kindly shared it with loved ones and family.

If you find this article somewhere else without reference, kindly note that it was stolen from the original source AJE NLA the son of OBATALA.

If you are angry at the truth please you have the right to kill yourself.

Don't reason my matter and don't look for what is not looking for you before you get what you deserve.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

The multiple spirit of ELA

The multiple spirit of ELA

The multiple spirit of ELA

Am not just a writer or a story teller. Though I would love to think of myself as the mouth peace of the ORISA . . So funny me 

Yesterday the IFA groups and councils across the world celebrate ELA day.

Many of which are just follow robots, no knowledge whatsoever of what they are doing or what IFA is all about. 

Bunch of readers of books done by fellow callous mind with little truth or no truth at all.

Who is ELA?

ELA is a beautiful spirit and I believe they are more than one. Just like ORISA AJE which are so numerous and up to 200.

I currently have two ORISA AJE and am working to have the remaining 198 in the future.

ELA is a very good friend of mine and we have spoken in many heavens .

For now and for the concept of this article , I can only talk on two ELA out of many spirits of ELA.

One ELA is responsible for the breaking of the day 


For each breaking of the day, I would surely break into success.

ELA the spirit that makes sure that the day breaks into a new one.

Another spirit of ELA is the one that is associated with IFA,the wisdom that comes with IFA . 

ELA is another ORISA that is linked and associated with IFA for it's infinite wisdom and understanding of things and situations.

Many of the dreams I interpret for clients and customers were inspired by the spirits of ELA.

I cannot forget the fact that ORISA NLA, my father OBATALA created all spirits and ORISA .

Like I always said, I would never write about an ORISA that I have not met before in my life and my catalogue of ORISA is becoming wider as the day goes by.

ELA knows about leaves and rituals .. They have their groups of spirits and they tends to know it all.

I don't want to go into other stories of how ELA was born because it's less of a concern to me, I love my interactions and relationship with the ORISA which give me more understanding on how they works and operates.

Many royal kings are called ADIMULA with no knowledge of what it means neither do they merit the tile .

If AJE NLA should go ahead and unravel the content of the name, many kings would have to leave the throne but I don't want that to happen. 

In the future when I shall be releasing some raw truth about some past and present ... Many kings shall be unseated or sent packing but for now, let them breath and eat from what they don't plant .

ELA you are highly celebrated by AJE NLA
Happy world ELA day.

The son of OBATALA

If you find this article somewhere else, note that it is copied from the son of OBATALA without any references.
Incantation (Philosophy and analysis)

Incantation (Philosophy and analysis)

Incantation (Philosophy and analysis)

Why do we have incantation in the first place?

Who taught us incantation?

Incantation are words of encouragement to lift up our souls,they are gyrations to stimulate our energy.

Incantations are words with power, they are powerful on their own and they carry energies with them.

Just like in church when they said they are singing praises to their God but we know they are not praising anyone. They are using those words to uplift their soul into making them think they are closer to themselves or to God in a way. 

There are different levels and kind of incantations, some incantation are authoritative while some are for comparison and many more 

Authoritative incantation for instance is OJO LORO INA N MU GI. Fire burns down a tree instantly. Here you are affirming authority and giving yourself some kind of courage that whatever I said should come to pass instantly.

Comparative incantation for instance is ::: EYIN LADIYE N TO YA RE . Chicks would always follow their mother at the back. This incantation is a comparative incantation where you compare yourself with chicken and you also compare your enemies or competitors as chicks.
Also you are giving yourself some morals that they would always be at your back no matter what they do.

We have so many levels and types of incantations but I just have to mention the two for knowledge and explanation for a simple mind.

Incantation are from observation and insights to the way the world works and from those higher realms that our fore fathers operated, they were inspired by nature to create proverbs, incantations, philosophy, code of conduct known as iwa Pele, culture, language and many more.

Some people believe that the more incantations you have, the more power you have. This is partially true.

Some people are reading the books of incantations or trying to memorize verses from different version of ODU IFA to have their incantations.

The true sources of incantations are IFA, the moment they initiate you into IFA... Your incantation would come to you.

The more you grow in the spirit , the more in-depth your incantation, knowledge , proverb, philosophy etc would be .

Some people find it hard to have incantation, it is a thing of the spirit and you should know that incantation itself is a spirit .

Many people dreams and saw themselves speaking incantations only for them to wake up and can't remember most of it or can't explain why .

If you are dreaming of speaking incantations, you are destined for greatness and you should not delay in your IFA or ORISA INITIATION. 

Follow those who know the Road and are pure .

I don't know if I have make any sense from what I wrote above .

Remember ,
I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

If you saw this article anywhere , they stole it just like they have been stealing all my post.

My articles are my life's work... 

I work hard to get it down.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Babalawo 107 - Remember you have a Family

Babalawo 107 - Remember you have a Family

Babalawo 107 - Remember you have a Family

Many babalawo are in the quest to have power and nothing more than power.

Other Babalawo are in the quest to have money and nothing more than money.

While you do all sort of things for your quest for money or power,always remember your wife and children.

Some babalawo knows that this particular work must not be done but because of the money involved they would do it and the repercussions would bounce back on their wife and children.

Some babalawo would evil do a work for someone and at the end of it, the babalawo would pay with his life . What would happen to his children?

Always remember that you have wife and children as a babalawo and don't do anything to make them cry or bring evil on them while you are only focussing on your self .

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Babalawo 103 - All Babalawo are powerful

Babalawo 103 - All Babalawo are powerful

Babalawo 103 - All Babalawo are powerful 

A babalawo have either good powers to do what is right or have a bad power to do all evils in the world.

Having this at the back of your mind would also help you in making the best decision of which babalawo to go to.

Having this in your mind would also help your relationships with your Babalawo.

Don't promise a babalawo when you know that you won't do it because once you promise a babalawo and you refused to fulfill your promise, it is either you are dead or you become a living dead.

Don't try to play smart in front of a babalawo because you might ended up running mad.

Some babalawo doesn't talk much but the spirit that is working with the babalawo don't take insult or take anything for granted . The moment you fucked up, they deal with you naturally.

I believe you have learnt something from what I wrote above .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 
Babalawo 108 - How save are your details with your Babalawo?

Babalawo 108 - How save are your details with your Babalawo?

Babalawo 108 - How save is your details with your Babalawo?

I have come again, the son of OBATALA has come again 

Are you sure your details are save with the babalawo or Alfa or imaam that did consultation for you?

We lived in a more wicked world and we must be very careful of who we went to for solution to our problems.

For everyone I have done consultation for, their names are in front of OBATALA for save keeping and for blessings from ORISA NLA.

As I do my morning devotion with ORISA NLA OBATALA, few prayers also goes to those who are my clients because it doesn't really matter if they remember me or not but at least they would remember that in one time of their life they met AJE NLA and their problem were solved.

After which they would be burnt , your safety is important to me.

Someone called me to know how save was his details and when I explained to him , he ended up praying for me.

I have received calls from a lots of people who explain how their babalawo feed their IFA with something bad which leads to his life disasters.

Some other Babalawo uses their client details for something unexplainably bad things .

The world is in a dark phase and you must be careful..

The son of OBATALA

Friday, May 10, 2024

Babalawo that helped you to tie down client would definitely tie your destiny

Babalawo that helped you to tie down client would definitely tie your destiny

Babalawo that helped you to tie down client would definitely tie your destiny


Karma, a very potent and powerful feminine energy has her way of doing things, she sleeps and dine with everyone who is yet to understand her ways of Life .

No wonder people say karma is a bitch... Is she really a bitch?

What goes around would definitely comes around, you went to a babalawo to tie client for you and you are very happy on how potent the charm is. Let it be known that as you are collecting the money, you are also giving it to the babalawo.

The evil babalawo who help you to tie down your client would definitely tie you down. Lobatan.

Some of us are very scared of who we deals with especially those who called themselves babalawo or spiritualist.

Before you embark on consultation with any babalawo or Alfa or Pastor, I think you should give them some rest and do some findings on the kind of work they do.

The reason is very simple, any babalawo who is into helping gee boys to tie down client would also tie your destiny down.

You are trying to survive and now you are tie down as a fool only for someone to milk you dry.

So therefore before you visit a babalawo try and know the kind of work he does or else you would turn to a mumu.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Babalawo 106 - Nobody like Babalawo

Babalawo 106 - Nobody like Babalawo

Babalawo 106 - Nobody like Babalawo 

Inu egun ni mariwo ngbe Sayor. I don't know how to interpret this proverb but I would try and say something,please don't mind my rubbish.

It says mariwo strive in the midst of thorns..

Nobody likes Babalawo thanks to those pastors and imaan that brainwashed people into believing that babalawo are wicked people.

In fact Nigerian movies portrays babalawo as nothing but evil.

Babalawo's family only see him as evil, friends see him as evil .

Yet the crawl to babalawo house in times of trouble for solution.

They have their IFA with Babalawo and they pay the babalawo to feed their IFA .

Most pastors have IFA and they do what IFA wants .

Many pastors are occult and more evil than babalawo.

Most pastors uses power from babalawo to pull crowd in their church .. yet the announced that babalawo are evil .

Thanks to OBATALA and the change it brings to the world.

The world is changing and the thought of Babalawo as an evil person is gradually going away .

But still, people still find it hard to like Babalawo.

As much as they hat d babalawo, babalawo are doing well.

Babalawo are building houses and doing great things which they never expected us to do.

Inu egun ni mariwo n sayo

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Babalawo 105 - Are Babalawo products sellers?

Babalawo 105 - Are Babalawo products sellers?

Babalawo 105 - Are Babalawo products sellers?

Many babalawo are not product sellers, you would seen something like mercy soap, love attraction soap etc.

You just believe that you need to sell products for every problem people are facing.

There is more to what the eyes can see, there are invisible strings to people's problem.

We now have many spiritual product sellers who doesn't even do any form of consultation but sell products which they think can solve people's problem.

Is this what babalawo is all about now?

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Babalawo 104 - Good name is important

Babalawo 104 - Good name is important

Babalawo 104 - Good name is important 

It is very important to know that a good name is more important than gold and diamond.

While some babalawo doesn't care about their good name or reputation,some are very careful about everything they do.

If your customer are to say one or two things about you, what would they say?

Would your female client says that you rape them?

Would your client says that you are accurate?

Would your client says that your work is legit?

Would they recommend another person for you?

While we all have problems including babalawo, not all problem can be solved by money 

Some problems needed you to see things from another view.

Gradually am becoming known worldwide and for what exactly? Everyone knows one thing about me and that is disciplined.

Almost everyone I met would say one or two things about me being disciplined.

Everyone knows that I have rules and I don't do all sort of things, only legit .

People also say AJE NLA your price is very high and I would reply and say, food wey sweet na money kill am. You want something legit? It doesn't come easy.

What is your name as a babalawo, do people know you for doing good or Bad?

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Monday, May 6, 2024

Babalawo 102 - Education is good

Babalawo 102 - Education is good

Babalawo 102 - Education is good 

If you check the long queue of Babalawo,we still have a large number of people who are not educated that much.

Few are having basic education, many have high school while the remaining are having a degree.

Education to my definition is not about the certificate but the lesson that comes with education, the exposure and the mind it unlocked.

Education beings about maturity in those who have it.

The reason why babalawo needed to be educated is because

Clients would not torment or lie to you, many clients would play on your intelligence and you would fall for their ploy.

Client might tell you give them power when In the real sense no man has the power to give to anyone .

Education shows in the way you do and handle your ORISA .

Education helps you to communicate boldly with people across the universe.

People would respect you more because of your education.

The way you do your things would be different and more special than others.

Education is not limited to this write up but I know it is good.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

Sunday, May 5, 2024

Babalawo 101 - Don't expect people to come back

Babalawo 101 - Don't expect people to come back

Babalawo 101 - Don't expect people to come back

This article is going to be good and bad at the same time , if you are not ready for it please don't read it because it may shake you in any direction.

Rules and thumbs guiding the world are still the same irrespective of the century or age we found ourself . Nature doesn't change and life is still the same.

The world is loosing it's value and sweetness, immature ladies are now parents giving birth to uncultured and untrained individuals who later govern the world and turn it upside down.

With all these, the world doesn't change neither does the rule governing the world changes.

This article is for babalawo, clients, pastors, imaam and everyone .

1. People would not remember you when their problem are solved. It is normal for people to have some comfort when they are Ok , that is when they would remember a project they have been wanting to do since childhood. They would give you a lot of excuses.

This is only happening because the world is not cultured and people only value what they have at the moment till it's gone.

As a babalawo clients, customers don't owe you anything. You are to do what you can do and let go of any emotional attachment or ties or bond that existed and want to exist.

Get paid for your service and move on. People don't go to hospital for healing  and promised the doctors that they would build house for them because the doctor already got paid before his service .

On this note, nobody owe you any gratitude whatsoever. Collect your money before service and don't get attached or wait for gratitude.

If they come back for gratitude, good
If they don't come back for gratitude, you won't feel betrayed.

This is the first of its kind in this series that would be coming from the only son of OBATALA.

I remain AJE NLA.
The son of OBATALA

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Can Babalawo advertise themselves ????

Can Babalawo advertise themselves ????

Can a Babalawo advertise themselves?

AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again with his mind blowing articles.

Today's article would not be different from insight and wisdom as it is my duty to dish it out for everyone to learn.

Sit down and learn what you don't know before now .

I argue and disagree with this bible verse that command the christians to go into the world and preach the gospel..

Everyone understands the importance of marketing. That verse or chapter of the bible is nothing more than marketing.

I asked, since all the years that the christians have been busy doing revivals, evangelism, have they succeeded in converting everyone into their religion? No.

The more evangelism the more money for pastor.

In the Qur'an and Bible, there is a clause that said No one would enter heaven without their religion.

Those who has been dead before the birth of their religion, where would they go?

Let us continue on our purpose of this article...

In the days of ORUNMILA, he wasn't sitting down in his house waiting for people to come with their problem.

ORUNMILA was always on the move from one town to another depending on how he was led by OLODUMARE.

Those who already knew him for his work, or ORUNMILA has helped or ORUNMILA was sent to before.

These people always go to his house anytime they had another problem that needed solutions.

Now I asked, if OLODUMARE didn't sent ORUNMILA to those villages and people, would they looked for ORUNMILA for the solution to their problem if they have another problem?

If ORUNMILA didn't move from places to places, how would IFA travels to other places and part of the worlds?

The truth is that Babalawo are not supposed to be in one place , sitting down like a Jobless Man.

Babalawo are supposed to go outside to help people and not wait for people to come to them with their problem.

This days , Babalawo are as lazy as a slot.

Babalawo these days don't have any power or gotten any special power from ORUNMILA that enables them to go to people's house to solve their problems or for babalawo to move from one village to another helping people .

No power from above shows them people's problem or direct them to people with problem.

In those days Babalawo has this power that enables them to know who they would visit or which town they must go to. This power from OLODUMARE directs and lead babalawo to where they must go. Today Babalawo are just Baba . 

It is those who you have help that would come back if they had a problem or issues. Those who you have helped would come looking for you .

Imagine as a new babalawo, you sat in your house with your leg crossed on your bed. Tell me how would people come to you?

 Na juju?

I guess this is why babalawo are so much in a dubious act, they have all kind of power to draw people to them by force by fire.

ORUNMILA didn't use force or any kind of forcefulness on people. It was an act of love and kindness that ORUNMILA uses to conquer the world.

ORUNMILA wasn't lazy like many babalawo of today. He was hard working.

He had a woman who is always at home to solve people's problem anytime ORUNMILA is not around . Her name is OSUN 

Tell me the truth, you has a babalawo have you been lead by ORUNMILA to go somewhere and helped them ?

The spirit of ORUNMILA, IFA and ELA is not with my Babalawo. No spirit is with many, they are just good in doing soapy and more soapy like naira Marley.


Has ORUNMILA ever told you to travel to another place before to helped the people in a village or community or state before? Where you would spend your own hard earned money and come back without anyone giving you anything..

Let us Thank OSUN who has never relent on her work and the way she does her thing. You can't enter a street without seeing OSUN priestess..

Babalawo are not doing their Jobs anymore , just chasing after Yahoo boys up and down for ghost soap and clients tie .

The world has changed from what it is known to be, we have technology and with technology we can share more insights and thought on IFA to the world, yet many people see Babalawo that does that as scam. 

They claimed babalawo must not do evangelism or advertise his work, But Anytime a new church is created, the first thing they do is to evangelize to the people of that area telling them they are opens for business ,and then people would try and patronize them and of course if the pastor is having the gift of sights the church would be flooded with goats and all sort of animals .

Go out and do what ORUNMILA sent you to do.

On a final note, nobody would know you as a babalawo if you just sit down and sleep waiting for people to come with their problems.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Who is right and who is wrong ? Are Yoruba people  / ORUNMILA from Egypt?

Who is right and who is wrong ? Are Yoruba people / ORUNMILA from Egypt?

Who is right and who is wrong ? Are Yoruba people  / ORUNMILA from Egypt?

I have come again, AJE NLA the son of OBATALA has come again .

Just like Fela said ,basket mouth don come again o ,o o o 

Basket mouth don come again o o o

I go carry my mouth like basket o,

Ma la nu bi apere...

They said AJE NLA, what do you want to talk about today , them dey worry me .....

Worry worry me all over the night, them dey worry me...

YORUBA people are now becoming gluttony in nature, they can be brought and they have forgotten their history.

Some people don't know the name of their great grand father, their grand father or even the name of their own father.

They have forgotten the faces of their ancestors, the duties of their ancestors, the hard work and labour of their ancestors.

They have thrown away their rich culture and heritage in search for greener pastures that never existed.

What a shame...............

Shame on you .....


I am not a lover of history and I don't have interest in anything before until I met OSUN, the ORISA of sweetness who remove bitterness from my life.

Until I met Egungun the keeper of my family history and heritage, he makes me know the names of my father's, their hard work and heritage. 

We have Babalawo who are super rich and we have babalawo who are doing moderately fine.

Those who are rich are those who uses power and money to publicize wrong information to the people. Information that wasn't there.

Just like a babalawo that went to BBC Yoruba and start vomiting rubbish about Yoruba tradition and cultural values.

I didn't blame this fellow because our kingship and king makers are doing worse things that him.

Someone must have empowered that BBC Yoruba babalawo to vomit nonsense.

I AJE NLA is not the only man blessed with knowledge and no matter what I said, I would always tell people to enquire more from their IFA for guidance and better still they should visit ORISA OLOKUN the keeper of secrets for more information.

This BBC babalawo didn't said any of those, he didn't tell us to consult IFA to know if it's true or we should ask OLOKUN for clarification.

I AJE with my mouth wide open is now telling people that what that BBC babalawo said about Yoruba tradition and whatever is not true.

No nation or country tell stories of how their forefathers migrated from other countries.

Just like some foolish stories they once told us that Odùduwà came from mecca, I look at mecca and Yoruba people if there were any resemblance but there was none. It was some group of extremist trying to rewrite history for their own gain and power.

If Egypt and YORUBA has connection Yoruba would definitely look like Egyptians.

YORUBA history and culture can only be found within the Yoruba people and system, if you visit old OYO park you would see some history left there by our great ancestors, if you visit some part of osogbo, OSUN, Ekiti, IJEBU, OYO and some part of Yoruba land you would appreciate what our fathers died to protect. You would see and experience history right in front of your eyes .

Yoruba people are not from another Tribe, they (Yoruba) have been alone on its own, rich in culture, heritage , wealth, history and many more.

It is an act of jealousy from other tribes that they want to rewrite our history for us, they want to tell us our own story and history. who does that?

Who tell or can tell a story more than the owner of the story?

The truth is that they have been trying to wipe off Yoruba people from the face of the earth, thank OLODUMARE and OBATALA for their preservation.

I now understand why IFA was encoded in YORUBA and Yoruba alone.

I was with ORUNMILA the father of IFA in the future of IFA and Yoruba people, I can't talk on the full details on what we are doing or saying.

All I know is that you would see it as it is been revealed.

ORUNMILA had many reincarnation and in all his reincarnation he never left Yoruba land,he was never born in Egypt.

ORUNMILA might have sojourn to Egypt to teach IFA to the Egyptians. In the olden days , Babalawo are already told to move to a particular part of the world to help the people in those areas on their problems.

Even today, I know highly spiritual Babalawo who are always sent to people in one area or the other to help them. This babalawo would used their own money to travel and help those IFA sent them to without asking for a penny .

On this basis, ORUNMILA must has travel to Egypt to help them in one of his life time.

 ORUNMILA wasn't an Egyptian name, ORUNMILA is not Socrates.

If you wished me death, you won't last 7 days before you die.

If you wished me evil, you would die.
I AJE NLA is not one of those corrupted Babalawo or power drunk Babalawo.
I am a sole ranger, a lone wolf but with OBATALA and all the ORISA .

So I said again, think twice before you reason my matter because 6 feet is not deep at all within 7 days which is not far at all.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA