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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Is it necessary to do offerings every month or week?

Is it necessary to do offerings every month or week?

Is it necessary to do offerings every month or week?

Why would you do offering every week?

If you are an IFA initiate and you have your own ORISA, there is no crime to do offering to your ORISA every week or every day or every month because it is your ORISA and you can decide when to feed it and how to feed it .

But if you are just a client or student who is seeking spiritual guidance and one babalawo says you should be feeding or one babalawo is charging money every week for feeding of ORISA or charging you money weekly for Ebo and sacrifice. Just know that you have been scammed and exploited by a fake babalawo.

As a client or IFA student and learner, you can make it a duty to consult IFA at three month interval or 6 month interval to know the mind of IFA for you 

Also you can consult IFA before you make any decisions and for guidance.

But paying a babalawo or iyanifa weekly to do Ebo for you is a scam and exploitation.

Many who are in the diaspora are more susceptible to this because they have no idea that they have been exploited .

Those who are not in Nigeria and out side the country Nigeria are facing this issue and they came to me to ask this question.

I think I have done justice to it 

Am AJE NLA for spiritual guidance and knowledge of IFA ,for consultation etc am available via +2347031178647

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Why ORUNMILA is regarded as Eleri Ipin

Why ORUNMILA is regarded as Eleri Ipin

Why ORUNMILA is regarded as Eleri Ipin

Orunmila is believed to be the mouthpiece of the other gods.

 It is through him that one knows the wishes of the other gods. As a mouthpiece for Ori orunmila is regarded as Eleri-ipin (witness of man's choice
of destiny).

 It is believed that Orunmila was present when every person chose his destiny in heaven.

 It is not difficult therefore for Orunmila, through the Ifa divination system, to tell every person here on earth the wishes of his Ori. 



To every complete divination process there is always a prescribed sacrifice. Whether the prediction of Ifa is good or evil, the client must always offer sacrifice.

 It is the belief of the Yoruba that if the prediction of lfa is good, a sacrifice will help further to make it come to pass, and that, if the prediction is evil, a sacrifice will help the client to dispel the evil. 

Therefore, after the completion of the long process of divination, the Ifa priest will tell his client the sacrifice that goes with the prediction. 

The client then goes home to buy the articles required for the sacrifice and he brings them to the lfa priest. 
ORUNMILA amplify that ORI (inner head) is bigger than any ORISA

ORUNMILA amplify that ORI (inner head) is bigger than any ORISA

ORUNMILA amplify that ORI (inner head) is bigger than any ORISA

One day Qrunmila gathered all the gods together and posed to them the question: 

'(Who can accompany his devotee on a distant journey over the seas without deserting him at any stage13). 

Sango the thunder god, and the boldest of all gods, was the first to take up the challenge.

He said that he could go with any of his devotees to any place without looking back. 

The other gods then asked him what
he would do if on his journey with his devotee, he arrived at Koso, the home of his fathers. 

Sango answered that he would
first of all call at his home.

 Then the other gods said that if he called at his home, that meant deserting his devotee and breaking his promise. 

One by one, all the gods boastfully answered the question posed by Orunmila. 

The question was also posed to Qrunmlla himself and he likewise answered the question boastfully. 

The gods then became confused and they complained that they did not understand the meaning of Orunmila's parable.

 They therefore begged him to unfold its meaning tothem.

In his explanation, Orunmila said that only Ori, every person's Ori, could accompany everyone to the farthest place on earth without turning back

Ori is depicted as a god more sympathetic to human beings than all other gods. Since every man's Ori is his personal god, he is more interested in the welfare of the individual than the other gods. 

Therefore, if an individual is in need of anything, he should first of all make his
desires known to his Ori before he approaches any other god for assistance. 

If a man's Ori is not in sympathy with his cause, no god will sympathize with him and consequently he wiD not have the things he wants. 

Friday, January 5, 2024

Iyanifa hairstyles

Iyanifa hairstyles

Iyanifa hairstyles

Braids and Beads: They always used braids and beads in their hair to make it look more beautiful and natural . .

Elaborate braided hairstyles adorned with beads are common among Yoruba women, including Iyanifas. Beads may be incorporated into the braids, and their colors and patterns can carry symbolic meanings.

Natural Hairstyles: iyanifa don't use wig or attachment to their head and hair. Iyanifas choose to wear their hair in natural styles, embracing the texture and beauty of their hair. 

This aligns with a broader movement celebrating natural hair within African cultures.

Accessories: Hair accessories, such as combs, pins, and clips, may be used to enhance the overall appearance and significance of the hairstyle.
Difference between apetebi and iyanifa

Difference between apetebi and iyanifa

Difference between apetebi and iyanifa 

The main difference between "Apetebi" and "Iyanifa" lies in their roles within the Yoruba Ifá tradition.

 "Apetebi" refers specifically to the wife of a babalawo (Ifá priest), and her role is generally supportive, assisting in rituals and ceremonies.

On the other hand, "Iyanifa" is a title given to a female priestess in the Ifá tradition. 

Iyanifas have their own spiritual responsibilities, specializing in divination and offering guidance in matters of the spirit.

Is there any special dress for iyanifa

Is there any special dress for iyanifa

Is there any special dress for iyanifa 

Yes, Iyanifas often wear special attire that reflects their spiritual and cultural significance. The specific dress can vary, but it typically includes traditional Yoruba clothing and accessories that symbolize their role as spiritual leaders. This may include:

White cloth. Iyanifa are used to wearing white cloth which signify purity and in once accord with ORUNMILA.

Beads: Iyanifa are used to wearing beads around their neck and hands, to promote tradition, for protection etc. Beads hold cultural and spiritual significance in Yoruba tradition. Iyanifas may adorn themselves with beaded necklaces, bracelets, and anklets, each carrying specific meanings and representing their spiritual connection.

Ornaments and Symbols: Iyanifas often wear various ornaments and symbols that signify their spiritual authority. This may include sacred necklaces, rings, and other accessories with specific meanings within the Ifa tradition.
The role of iyanifa in Yoruba land and culture

The role of iyanifa in Yoruba land and culture

What is the role of iyanifa in Yoruba land and culture 

The following are the roles of iyanifa

Divination and Guidance: Iyanifas are skilled in Ifa divination, a process through which they communicate with Orunmila (a deity associated with wisdom and divination) to provide guidance and solutions to individuals facing challenges or seeking advice.

Counseling and Healing: Iyanifas offer counseling services and spiritual healing. They may use herbal remedies, rituals, and prayers to address physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.

Ceremonial Functions: Iyanifas often officiate at various ceremonies and rituals, such as weddings, naming ceremonies, and funerals, bringing their spiritual insights to these important life events.

Preservation of Tradition: Iyanifas play a role in preserving and transmitting Yoruba cultural and spiritual traditions. They pass on knowledge through oral traditions and ritual practices, helping to maintain the continuity of Yoruba culture.

Community Leadership: In some instances, Iyanifas may assume leadership roles within their communities, contributing to decision-making processes and providing spiritual guidance to the community members.
who is iyanifa?

who is iyanifa?

Who is iyanifa ?

Iyanifa" typically refers to a Yoruba priestess or spiritual leader, often associated with the Ifa tradition in Yoruba culture.

 Ifa is a system of divination and spiritual guidance practiced by the Yoruba people of Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. 

The title "Iyanifa" is commonly used for female practitioners who are initiated and trained in the rituals and wisdom of Ifa.
How does iyanifa dress for spiritual purpose

How does iyanifa dress for spiritual purpose

How does iyanifa dress for spiritual purpose

Iyanifa doesn't have a special dressing code but most follows the following pattern when doing spiritual work or for spiritual purpose 

White Clothing: They always wear white cloth of the Awo because White is often associated with purity and spirituality in many African and Yoruba traditions. Iyanifas may wear white clothing during spiritual ceremonies to symbolize purity, clarity, and connection to the divine.

Sacred Symbols: They often carry sacred symbols of their head ORISA . These symbols are believed to carry spiritual significance and protection.

Beads and Ornaments: iyanifa are always dressed and uses Adornments like beads, particularly those with specific colors and patterns, can hold symbolic meanings. 

They may represent specific Orishas (deities) or convey messages related to the purpose of the spiritual ceremony.

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Hearing ODU IFA in your dream

Hearing ODU IFA in your dream

Hearing ODU IFA in your dream 

There are so many reason why you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream, the odu IFA would now be telling you or pointing you to what must be done.

If you are a Christian there is nothing bad in hearing ODU IFA at all. IFA is not evil as you might be lead to believe 

There are many purpose and reason why you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream .

The purpose are the following 

For spiritual guidance,some ODU IFA are for protection and guidance. Once you hear the ODU IFA you would need a babalawo to break it down for you.

Telling you what is wrong with you - Some ODU IFA are telling you what must be done to make things right .

Show you your spiritual level - Some of us are more Spiritual than the other, if you are hearing ODU IFA in your dream,it means you are Spiritually powerful.

While other purpose are..

Some of us are used and the ODU IFA is telling you what you will do to avert the problem.

ODU IFA is not ritual and you must learn to love it as it deal directly with OLODUMARE and it's creation.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

The philosophy of Ifa.

The philosophy of Ifa.

The philosophy of Ifa

Yoruba culture contains values, customs, practices and social behaviours of the people.

The philosophical tradition of the Yoruba people is rooted in the concept of good character.

The concept of character referred to by the Yorubas as Iwa, is a set of qualities that make someone feel interesting or attractive to one's feelings or reputation.

Iwa, character is one of the most important efforts taught within the literary corpus of Ifa and each stanza of Ifa, ancient poetic verse, has a portion dedicated to the topic of teaching Iwa character/behavior, which obviously Ifa supports.

Iwa is important in every human being and at the same time impart social and civic community responsibility that the creator, olodumare, endorses.




Ifá pẹlẹ o, Akòko Olókun

Ifá pẹlẹ o, Erìnmì lóde Ọ̀wọ̀

Ifá pẹlẹ o, Ọba nílé Sẹ́ta

Ifá pẹlẹ o, Ọba nílẹ̀ Ìjèṣà

-Ifá pẹlẹ o, atórí ẹni tí o sunwọ̀n se

Ifá wá tórí mi se o

Ki o wá sọrọ mi d'ayọ.
Where can I get a good IFA priest ?

Where can I get a good IFA priest ?

Where can I get a good IFA priest ?

Why are you asking this kind of questions where we have AJE NLA?

AJE NLA is not just a babalawo,he is well grounded and familiar with the way of the Orisa and the way other realms work.

Aje Nla is a Spiritual traveller and messenger of OLODUMARE.

He is upright and OLODUMARE fearing and AJE NLA doesn't mislead people neither does he scam people .

AJE NLA would only tell you what IFA tells him to tell you.

He is trustworthy and a priest you can rely on for any spiritual solution and guidance .

Contact AJE NLA on email

Contact AJE NLA on WhatsApp number+2347031178647

Thank you
Yes and No IFA consultation

Yes and No IFA consultation

Yes and No IFA consultation 

There are times that we needed an answer to questions bothering our minds .

There are times we need divine guidance on the challenges of Life .

There are times we needed to be sure of which way to go

There are times we want to confirm our doubts towards something.

There are times we need someone to give us an answer.

This is the right place to get an answer to bothering yes and no questions.

Am a Yoruba Young pure babalawo.

All I wanted was to served OLODUMARE though IFA by helping people with their problem.

Contact me AJE NLA on email

Contact me AJE NLA on WhatsApp +2347031178647

Am odewole olusegun AJE NLA 
IFA consultation near me

IFA consultation near me

IFA consultation near me

Good day am AJE NLA, I am a writer and a babalawo.

I owned

If you are looking for IFA consultation near you.

I am not far away from you .

Am A babalawo from Nigeria and I based in Ogun state.

You can contact me on email :

And you can WhatsApp me +2347031178647

I am always available for your consultation.

It doesn't matter which part of the world you are chatting or calling from.

Friday, December 29, 2023

End of the year Consultation

End of the year Consultation

End of the year Consultation 

If you are in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

It is that time of the year to prepare for what's coming .

Consult IFA to know what must be done to get you prepared for next year .

Get yourself fully prepared and loaded for Next year 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023




My answer to the above question is that there's nothing wrong in slaughtering animal for Sacrifice so far it is for religion purpose with pure intention. In Ifa Òrìsà Religion here in Southwest Nigeria, we do animal ritual.

We offer animals as sacrifice. It is done for many reasons but basic reason is to revive ugly situation into the normal situation. Animal are not just been slaughtered for fun.

Orúnmìlà (Deity of Wisdom) makes it known that animals made pacts with Ifá to be used for human healings where necessary. 

In Ifa Òrìsà Religion doctrine, Ifá makes it known that you cannot offer the blood of rats as ritual for another rat, you cannot offer the blood of fish as ritual for another fish, you cannot offer the blood of fowl as ritual for another fowl and you cannot offer the blood of human as ritual for another human (this simply means same animal specie cannot be used as ritual to heal themselves).

You will use something else. Ifa (voice of Olódùmarè that comes out from the mouth of Orúnmìlà, the first Diviner) placed curses on any creature that jump the rules. So therefore, there is great repercussions for human being to use his/her fellow human being for ritual.

Ifá allowed us to use animal for ritual.

Let’s listen to the words of Ifa in a verse from Èjìogbè:

Igbó ríbíríbí yii ńbọ̀ wá dìjí
Ọ̀nà àbùjá ń bọ̀ wá d'ọ̀dàn
Pípẹ́ ni yóò pẹ́
Yíyá ni yóò yá
Ẹni ilẹ̀ẹ́lẹ̀ yóó padà wá dẹni orí ẹṣin

Adifafun Bàbá Ajàgàdàruwà táa mú Èjìogbè sọ lorukọ
Níjọ́ tí wón ní ikú kàn-án
Ẹbọ wọn pe kí o se
Èjìogbè ni ikú kò tíì kan òhun
Óní o dorí Òyèkú méjì
Ọ̀yẹ̀kú méjì ní o dorí Ìwòrì méjì
Ìwòrì Méjì ni o dorí Òdí méji.....

Ọ̀sẹ́ méjì ní o dorí Ofun méjì
Òfún mèjí ní ikú kò tíì kan òhun
Óní o dorí Ọ̀SẸ-TÙÁ
Ọsẹ-tua wàá wo iwájú o wẹ̀yìn kò ríbi àáàyẹ́sí mọ́
Ó wá re kété ó dorí ẹran
Ǹjẹ́ kíni yóó ràn mí níkú ọjọ kan
Ẹran o kàsàì ran mi niku ọjọ kan

Moreover, there are guidelines that Ifá laid down for Babalawo to follow before they can slaughter animal for ritual. They have to first send coded message in form of ìyèrẹ̀ Ifá to the soul of the animal they wanted to slaughter to know the message they want the animal to the Higher spiritual Energy (Olódùmarè). At the end, they will say, "It is Ifá that killed you, I didn't have hands in offering you as ritual". 

This practice doesn't start today or yesterday. It has been like this from the beginning of the Earth.

It is a way of redeeming bad destinies to the good destiny. Olódùmarè (God) ordained it to be so.

This is my submission.


Sunday, December 24, 2023

IFA says I shouldn't eat chicken but am in a place where chicken is the only food available

IFA says I shouldn't eat chicken but am in a place where chicken is the only food available

IFA says I shouldn't eat chicken but am in a place where chicken is the only food available

I know some folks who are IFA initiate before traveling out of the country and it is in their ODU IFA taboo not to eat chicken .

As you know, chicken is very much available abroad and easily accessible. In this case what will you do?

Have seen a lot of IFA priest run away from this particular question and some people tell them to eat the chicken and see what will happen.

There are some taboo that works in a particular time and there are some taboo that are for a life time.

In the case of those people IFA says they would not eat chicken,they need to do another consultation to ask IFA if they can still eat chicken or they should not eat chicken for the rest of their Life .

I have had this experience when I was told in the spirit not to eat a particular food, after some time I was told that I can eat this particular food I was told not to eat. It has turned to my routine habbit not to eat the food and I know it's not my taboo anymore because I have passed the days of the food seclusion. 

Hence the need to consult IFA , let's assume IFA says it's a lifetime taboo not to eat chicken till you grow old and die, what will you do?

You can opt in for other birds like turkey, ducks, goose, or other animals like rabbit etc.

If you are outside the country, there are millions of alternative you can use to replace chicken unless you are not independent, unless you are staying with someone who only eats chicken.

In this case, you might have to endure till you have your own apartment and then you can buy turkey and other animals in place of chicken.

IFA that says you should not eat chicken knows what it is doing .

Following IFA would only lead you right ..

Taking pictures in the Shrine and it's effect

Taking pictures in the Shrine and it's effect

Taking pictures in the Shrine and it's effect 

I always look at people who took pictures at their ORISA shrine just to make a point or show off to people or whatever they think is the reason for taking pictures.

It is not appropriate and it's not a good behavior at all.

I have clients all over the world, talking of Europe, America, Asia and China and I always tell them before I proceed in doing their work or feeding of the Orisa, I always informed them ahead that I don't take pictures of my shrine neither do I take pictures in front of shrine.

Few people have tried to call me times without number to know if am in the Shrine or not, I simply reply and say.. if seeing pictures of the shrine is what would make you believe in me hold your money.  I don't care about your money, you are the one who need spiritual help and if you think I have to snap picture of the Orisa for you to believe then you can go with your problem.

Why am I not taking pictures?

Orisa don't like it.

Snapping and taking pictures of the ORISA shrine irritate the Orisa and might lead to the Orisa abandoning the shrine.

Once the Orisa Abandoned the shrine, what you have left is just an empty vessel and your spiritual work will not prove effective again.

It's a big Taboo.

Some shrine if you tried to take pictures, your phone will get spoilt because they have done what will stop you from taking pictures without them telling you because they know the implications and effects of those pictures.

Why would someone show the world that they wanted to feed an Orisa ,  why would they showed the world when they are feeding the ORISA?

Would you accept it if someone wants to give you food but first of all shows it to the world before giving you that food?

Technology has done a lot of good thing but taking pictures of your shrine is at your own peril.

This is why I look at those sharing pictures of their shrine and ORISA online and I laugh because I know it's Fake, it's not real at all. They are looking for what to eat, nothing More.

It doesn't matter if you are giving the highest chieftaincy in your area, if you are doing it then you are Fake.

I am not against the video and pictures of the ceremonies that happened after the core feeding and the secretive aspect of it.

You can take pictures of the parties and event of people gathering there to celebrate with you after the real event but taking pictures of the Orisa is an Abomination.

You should desist and repent, go and Beg the Orisa for forgiveness and don't do such act again.

I know many of you would not repent, it is not by advertising that customer would come, ESU never forsake any babalawo neither do OSUN forget you.

They would bring in your customer.